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  1. Got 6.1.3 Update 4 running on my N40L, but I can't for the life of me get the 2 extra sata ports to work. I modded the BIOS, and the drives have AHCI enabled, but DSM can't see the drives. Is there a step-by-step tutorial anywhere for getting them running? **** EDIT **** Scratch that... I found it! Got two 128GB SSD's configured in a read-write cache, and all's well!
  2. *sigh* Of course I rebooted everything.... except the router. Getting 60MB/s now across my wireless network. Problem solved! I'll post an update once I flash the bios and slot in those SSDs... woot!
  3. Firstly... a big thanks to Jun and Polanskiman for the installer/instructions. You guys are awesome! Recently I "rescued" an HP N40L system from a site that I was working at (I'm a wandering Healthcare IT guy). It was originally meant to replace an aging NAS (an old Iomega W2k3 box) back in 2012, but it was never utilized - it was plugged in but never actually turned up. So... six years later it was slated to be recycled but I convinced them to let me have it (we put in a new Gen8 Microserver in its place). I pulled the two, still technically new WD Red 500GB drives and threw i