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  1. Could someone confirm if a VM powered off on your machine shows the same info as the screen shot below. Meaning yours show 0% for Host CPU and Host memory when your VM is powered off. VM info HOST info
  2. It is either something with the loader or the DMS intall. I put a new HDD in the PC and removed the loader and disconnected the DMS HDD's. I Loaded windows server 2008 with the HyperV role then installed a win-7 OS and it ran great. I re-did the loader and reinstalled the latest DMS and it will not start the VM. "Not enough memory".
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. However this has been enabled in the Bios from the start. I have also reset the Bios to factory settings and then re-enabled VT with still no luck. This makes no sense unless a processor with SLAT is required, which mine does not support. It does support VT. Thanks again
  4. I have alocated all the options available from 1 gig to 8. But of course I can't use 8 as there would be none left for the host. I have also tried from 1 to 3 CPUs / cores. I have tried win 7 iso, win10 iso, server 2016 ios. It just will not start. It's like it the VM can't see the host info, although it is displayed under the host info area (4 cores and 8gig RAM)
  5. Hi everyone!I am having an issue with VMM, After I create a VM. When I try to start it .It's show me an error "Failed to power on the virtual machine " name of my VM" on the host " name of my NAS" due to insufficient RAM on the host." And the VM will not start.I have installed DS3615xs OS with JUN's loader. CPU is a Core 2 Duo E6600 and I have 8 gigs of RAM installed. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks