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  1. Quick update, all went well updating directly from synology
  2. follow guide at start of this thread, just upgraded and worked fine.
  3. Love you all, great work with loader. I'm now up to date and running ds916+ file, ohh and i love google too
  4. Should i change serial to one from new serial generator, or just use the one im currently on (from exel file) ?. Also if switching to ds 916 what about serial ? stay on ds3615 ? the ds916 would be near perfect hardware match for me.
  5. Tryed to put a linux distro to my drive that was used to boot xpenology 6.01, and notised something strange, the stick was write protected, and could not be formatted using the HP format tool. Could it have something to do with the UEFI boot section, as that was the option i was using to boot ? Anyhow im going to try a different stick now.
  6. I ment another file with same DSM ds3615xs_8451.pat, to make sure it wasen't the file. Will go buy another usb tomorrow as i dont want to delete my 5.2 image i got working.
  7. The error i get should be related to wrong PID or VID (as far as i can find out), but they are set as they should be (see attached image). Any ideas ?
  8. fails at 56% DSM install, file might be broken (13), tryed different dsm same story
  9. HI Im running DSM 5.2-5967 on an Asrock j3710 board with intel processor (same as on ds916+). Should i use the Arcao v2 loader or the Jun 1.01 loader when upgrading to 6.02. How long can the arcao loader be upgradet too, if thats the one i'm supposed to use ?. With the match on ds916 and my hardware i think i should change to the 916 from 3615 when getting past 6.02, but the exel thing has not got any support for this model. Can it run with serial from 3615 ?
  10. found this guide, so think im ready for hardware monday
  11. just search for this: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5967.1.img and you should get some results in google
  12. Hi, im trying to make a usb stick for booting up a new intel-pc based system, but get at bit confused about all the different info. This guide tells me to just get image and burn to stick, done that with the XPEEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.5.img Links to assistent is dead but assume i should get it from synology here, and then just run from windows pc, and feed it with the DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat file i also downloaded right ? And here comes the tricky part, some guides mentions a whole lot more to be done like getting serial and changing mac adress ect... does this apply to this 5.2 version ? If it does can you plz point me to a good guide, thanks.
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