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  1. newbie here i plan to build NAS server (store files, video transcoding, downloader) using Pentium G4400 + ASUS B150M-C D3 + 4GB RAM 1. is there any problem i should know beforehand? (one friend told me there's a large file transfer bug?) 2. can i use RS3617xs instead of DS3617xs image? my friend gave me his SN because he didn't use it for online (he uses it for storing important backup and paranoid to give it online access) 3. can XPEnology behave like real synology? eg. auto sleep HDD/shutdown unit if not used and wake up using WOL? 4. is XPEnology stable enough for long term use? 5. i need NAS OS with simple UI and expandable volume, is there any other alternatives? Thank You!