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  1. Before the new update I can't say I saw this problem, but yesterday I noticed I could not access my shared folders via windows. If I disable windows files service and reenable in dsm it works again. Anyone know the name of the process so I can look out for it in future and is anyone else having this problem.

  2. I got my N54lL on Wednesday only cost £115 uk pounds new.

    I could not build a machine cheaper myself.


    It's running gnoboot and DSM 5 auto startup causes my bios to reset, haven't tried WOL. As my server remains on.

    Running the latest HP BIOS. dunno if I will try the modded bios.

  3. Hi all,


    Does auto on and WOL work on the N54L? also what about hd spin down?

    I want to buy one of these machines but just want a heads up of what don't work.

    Should I upgrade the ram? Or is 2Gb fine?


    I don't intend to use a modded bios, just a direct install.





  4. Hi everyone,


    I have searched and found others with the same problem as me.

    my MB used to run Win 7 and had no problems with the hardware.


    I thought I'd give XPEnology a go and everything went to plan, or so I thought. My bios keeps getting a checksum error. at first I thought battery and replaced it.

    but the problem is still present. I have booted in to other Linux os's and rebooted and the bios would not show a error but as soon as I go in to XPEnology and shutdown and later restart I get the checksum error.


    auto on is not on and nor is WOL, I did read on this forum that a timer resets the hardware hence causing the problem?


    any idea.


    the MB is a Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R