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  1. Hey there, I just upgraded my XPEnoboot to 5.2 and got DSM 5.2 Update 1. I'm installing Docker now and I will let you know the results soon. -xBytez Works perfectly fine!
  2. Nevermind! I found it! DL link: http://ukdl.synology.com/download/criti ... 3612xs.pat Proof of working: and use what Diverge said!
  3. Give me the link to the FTP please?
  4. hmm yeah I don't see an update no more
  5. No pata_amd Just: kernel /zImage rmmod=amd Your version (Trantor) worked fine at first without rmmod, but when I tried to reboot, it went back into upgrade mode or it shuts the NIC down. gnoBoot is working flawlessly for me.
  6. Well I rebooted it a few times and I noticed just slightly after the amd load it kernel paniced. So I were like, hey, let's give it a shot! Works perfectly fine! Rebooting works too (Didn't work on Trantor's DSM) Thanks for the epic release! PS: using alpha10.4
  7. Yes! I got rid of the kernel panic! rmmod=amd does the job.
  8. Booted up the Debian netinstall, went into expert install and loaded all optional installer components and set up the network. Then went to shell and did lspci -vvvv and dmesg. outputs here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=hf9YPzGU
  9. I haven't tried any other gnoBoot, but the 4.3 beta7 build by Trantor works fine! Video: http://libxbytez.so/etc/VID_20140318_144641.mp4
  10. Hmmm I'd rather have gnoboot working, let me take a few pics, it's hard to show screenshots etc when you get a kernel panic at boot, I'll make a video!
  11. Works perfectly fine actually! 5.0 Beta by Trantor works too but that dies after a reboot and it shuts the NIC down, well I can't access anything. I can ping from the machine but I can't go to any of the services anymore with the 5.0 BETA, I can try login and it says system is getting ready but after a while it just stops working and I can never login. I'd love to get gnoBoot working so I can get the latest original DSM working
  12. Hello there XPEnology, I've been trying to install DSM 5.0 on my HP Slimline s7710 Specs: Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE CPU: AMD Sempron 3400+ RAM: 2GB Ethernet: Realtek RTL8201CL Whenever I try to boot up gnoboot alpha10.3 on normal en -me, I get a kernel panic almost instantly! Could someone please guide me through the process of fixing this? Thanks
  13. using this on a non-virtualised PC, get kernel panic almost instantly!