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  1. did all of you try auto satamap detection ?
  2. Easy way to do an inplace upgrade, did it on 2 N54L and one Microserver Gen8 for ds3615xs Login via SSH as admin then change to root sudo dd if=tinycoreimage.img of=/dev/synoboot bs=1M check via fdisk if bootable flag is set on synoboot1, if not set it. Reboot and find the nas on your dhcp server, then login via ssh to tinycore and run below commands ./ update now ./ identifyusb now ./ serialgen DS3615xs now ./ satamap now ./ build bromolow-7.0.1-42218
  3. Do not use this in production, redpill is beta, dsm is beta, wait for stable release.
  4. Check post from pocopico on page 41 on how to compile Link to kernel sources
  5. Where is your redpill-load config for geminilake ? You were correctly pointed out on what you need to be done and why your setup is not working, editing global_config.json and creating geminilake_user_config.json is not enough.
  6. tg3 driver provided some pages back is working on Microserver gen7, should also work on gen8
  7. There is no dsm7 for bromolow yet, or am I missing something ?
  8. Скомпилил рабочий лоадер 6.2.4, работает только с интел картой, встроенная сеть не работает, использовал редпилл-лкм docker image
  9. Thanks guys, I used this docker image builder to build a loader for a baremetal Microserver Gen7, its working so far, however with an intel network card, no onboard network, will test some more and report the results
  10. 6.2 has issues with original loader, you better use 6.3, do not use 6.4 yet, no loader
  11. Yes you just reboot with new USB and Old Drives and you should be set
  12. There is something else wrong with your system, mine is running with no issues under standard loader and onboard nics, no need for extra.lzma
  13. This is already available on current DSM and Active Backup, you can back up a bare metal machine and restore it to esxi or hyperv server
  14. djvas335

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Bad VID PID for the usb drive