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  1. djvas335

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Bad VID PID for the usb drive
  2. Your usb stick is corrupted, create a new stick
  3. Только что попробовал на одном из моих серверов н54л, всё работает без проблем с вот этим: POWERBUTTON_6.2-0002.SPK
  4. Sure, you need to set VID PID for the bootloader on first boot This is taken from above tutorial Note 4: Configuration added to the grub.cfg file can also be done directly during the Grub Boot Menu, so technically you can skip Point 4 and burn the image on the USB drive without editing anything (read Point 5 onward first). If you wish to do the changes from the Grub Boot Menu directly you need to press the letter 'C' when you see the Boot Menu. You will literally only have one second, so be fast. Once you press 'C' you will be in a Grub command line environment. To change your VID enter the following: vid 0xYOUR 4 DIGITS USB DRIVE VID Do the same for pid, sn and mac1. Press enter at each command. The commands are: pid 0xYOUR 4 DIGITS USB DRIVE PID sn YOUR NAS SERIAL NUMBER mac1 YOUR NAS MAC1 ADDRESS If you have multiple NICs you can also issue mac2, mac3 and mac4 as commands. Maximum is mac4. See below: mac2 YOUR NAS MAC2 ADDRESS mac3 YOUR NAS MAC3 ADDRESS mac4 YOUR NAS MAC4 ADDRESS If you think you made a mistake in the numbers simply re-issue the command. When you are done press esc and select the appropriate menu entry.
  5. Зачем идти в архив ?
  6. Error 13 is generally incorrect VID PID
  7. Also you did unmount synoboot2 after updating extra.lzma didn't you ? umount /tmp/mountMe
  8. It depends if you are using native networking and extra.lzma for dsm 6.2.2, to upgrade successfully you will need to replace custom extra.lzma with old extra.lzma from jun 1.03 loader, if not using extra.lzma, and using intel card, you can just upgrade without any loader manipulation
  9. 1. Yes 2. Maybe corrupt image ? No need to replace anything except extra.lzma
  10. 1) Enable SSH and ssh into your DiskStation 2) Become root ( sudo -i ) 3) Make a mount point ( mkdir -p /tmp/mountMe ) 4) cd into /dev ( cd /dev ) 5) mount synoboot2 to your mount point ( mount -t vfat synoboot2 /tmp/mountMe ) 6) Profit!
  11. I just mount it inside DSM, replace extra.lzma with old one and upgrade.