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  1. I already have 2 piece of 4T, 1 piece of 2T, and 1 piece of 500G drivers, I really don't want to buy couple of another 4T disks. Is there any easy way like doing a picture or screening all my data?
  2. thanks very much, that is quite clear. BTW, what are the main risks to loss data? I want to evaluate the risk before I start, since that is quite impossible to back up my data. Or do you have any suggestions on how to back up the data with small space?
  3. Yes, I am on 5.0-4458. I am trying to read all the topics here, but still don't have a very clear clue on how to boot with 5.2 loader. Currently, I am using this USB in my server.
  4. I have downloaded the file in your dropbox, not sure which one I should use.
  5. BTW, would you please help to let me know which one I should download? I am using HP N54L now, not sure whether my hardware is ok for 5.1 or 5.2 version.
  6. Thanks very much for your help. Do you know how to back up my config? About my data, that is quite hard, since there are two much data in 4 piece of hard disk. That's the key reason I am very careful before I start the upgrades. Anyway, thanks for your comments, do you have any recommended article for me to follow up for update to 5.1?
  7. 怎么没有人帮忙呀?
  8. @sbv3000,do you have any tutorial for 5.0 to 5.2?
  9. 各位高手, 请帮忙看看,我的情况,怎么升级。我现在y一直在用5.0-4458,现在有时间想折腾一下。现在有4块硬盘,怎么才能不影响数据的情况下升级吗?而且我现在是DS3612xs,是不是升级也要用用同样的固件?谢谢高手了!
  10. Dear all, I am still using 5.0-4458 for DS3612XS. I am looking for how to update to 5.2. I saw there are some training and file for DS3615xs, is that ok? To update to 5.2, is there any impact for original data? Thanks very much in advance!