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  1. HP N54L - DSM 6.1 onwards

    Anyone knows how to compile/load twofish encryption module? The bundled AES does not give speeds more then 50mb/s. Anybody concerned with the encryption/decryption speed?
  2. HP N54L - DSM 6.1 onwards

    Thank you, Everyone! N40L with 1.02b (from the topic) worked great. Encrypted folder speed is 50mb/s, looks like this encryption algo sucks a lot, what can we do? Plain 2xhdd raid0 gives 200mb/s How to make it write at 100mb/s the encrypted folder? How to mount fresh ext4 drive? [ 4363.767818] JBD2: Unrecognised features on journal [ 4363.767828] EXT4-fs (sda1): error loading journal [ 6346.064135] EXT3-fs (sda1): error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (2c0) What is the right way to upgrade from 1.01?
  3. HP N54L - DSM 6.1 onwards

    Replace cable for 5E-6 category. Interesting, but it worked with the old cable on Debian, refused to work on xpeno Check ports, replace cable.
  4. Installed on HP gen7 AMD N57L Everything seems great, but encrypted directory does not work. It can create directories, but i cannot create or upload file. What's wrong? Will AMD be supported or better to use the ESXI?