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  1. Do I need to delete extra2.lzma or can it remain? I placed the extra.lzma in Partition 2 of the Image and then wrote it to my bootstick. Is that correct?
  2. Hi Julian, it's not a Xpenology Fault - same behaviour here on a real 2415+ (except that my system language is german and the package information is norwegian). Mailed Synology Support today - here the answer (german): If you have further questions or do want a status update simply PM me. Regards Sid
  3. Works like a charm on HP N54L with gnoboot 10.3 NATIVE! Not testet much so far, but by now I'm pretty happy with it. Just got the device today and directly fired up the 10.3 image on it following this guide: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2545#p13838 Here are a few Screenshots (german ui), setup is the N54L with 5 disks (4 internal, 1 in a 5 1/4" noname Sata-Frame) and the USB Stick on the internal Port. http://take.ms/wshX2 http://take.ms/5cBAr http://take.ms/8Kta5 http://take.ms/HNdm5 http://take.ms/r60jp http://take.ms/xKgQ1 http://take.ms/bUID6 http://take.ms/Y5nSr
  4. gnoboot or anyone, can you please share a mirror für 10.3 vfat? GoogleDrive tells me that the file is not for download... =(