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  1. would you be able to share your XML file as i cant get 6.2 to show up on unraid 6.8.1 no matter what i do using loader 1.04b and selecting vm option never appears on network
  2. Due to health issues and a C&D letter i will no longer be providing updates.
  3. Tried on 3 units all updated without issue
  4. Your options are to either install on a clean formated hdd and if you need files off other hdd load it up in a Linux live cd and copy over. I will update to version 1.02b over weekend
  5. I've been running it full time for two week and my uptime is nearly 15 days not had a single crash or issue it's had a moderate load at times. Only issue I have experience is a slight disconnect from network I'm logging data to see if it's an issue with the firmware files for nic or a network issue my end I believe it's an issue my end with router but I will confirm after more testing.
  7. once the bootloader is on the usb stick choose force install this will allow the server to be found on the network, from there update the dsm to 6.1 then when it restarts let the bootloader load first option (dont select amd) first boot may take 5-10 mins to show up
  8. I'm working on getting to work migrating with limited success 5.2 dsm to 6.1 works fine and will ask you to migrate after but if your on version 6.0.2 the it not working correctly always sometimes it will migrate others it does not apper to find server options Wipe hdd with dsm on or find another hdd and install that as primary hdd
  9. the c1e setting when on allows the cpu to throttle back when not in use but synology software does not like it and if you manage to boot it usually freezes or hangs when the c1e even occurs there are a few options depending on your setup this is my setup 4 hard drivers the 1st one is solely for xpenology the boot partition, all files and programs go on there the other 3 hdd are where i store all my files moves,tv etc now if all yours are on one hdd then you are limited you could buy or source a cheap hdd and install xpenology on that then use
  10. A few people have said they only got it to work as a new/clean install im looking into it but that may be an option
  11. Have you disabled c1 support as DSM_DS3615xs_15132 is supported if you follow my guide it has been tested on n36l alway up to the n54l and all work. 1) Make sure c1 is disabled in bios. 2) Select force install (install pat) 3) one reboot select top option (dont select amd) 4) give it time 5-10 mins to come up (mine took around 10 mins first time) any issues please post back
  12. this was done as added a few extra modules/firmware and drivers. some network modules where freely available online and included to have maximum comparability
  13. disabled audio- and videotranscoding in the mediaserver settings (via the webinterface) fai;ing that then maybe a clean install is only way
  14. mem_default_mb 4096 mem_max_mb 32768 change both to show 16384
  15. I've no idea I had an issue on one of my xpenology boxes showing wrong ram I changed settings above and all was well. Possibly the system was doing something when you restarted?