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  1. got it back up and running.. seems that during the change, ESX also found it neccessary to change the NIC. Turning off the machine in ESX, removed the NIC saved, add new NIC Issue solved... thanks for tips and tricks!
  2. Hi all, i did something very stupid. I enabled VLAN (802.1Q) and now i'm not able to connect to my xpenolgy machine. Is there a way to reset the network settings? The xpenolgy is living in ESXi. I'm able to get in the grub settings and menu. Thanks in advance for your answer(s). MAdD
  3. HI @unmesh, do you have a step by step description on what you did? I also want to update my DS3615 to DSM 62 but i'm still not able to keep all my data Thanks MAdD
  4. when you install XPEnology, you already get 2 camera licenses for free So only when you want to put a 3rd camera in Surveillance station, you need a license!
  5. eventually got this to work thank to the following url: Extend VM Disk for XPEnology the only thing i did was Create 2nd volume Move all data to 2nd volume open SSH en resize partition Extend Raid Group just for info! MAdD
  6. Hi all, i've setup my XPEnology on HP Microserver Gen8 which is running ESXi 6.5 u2. I provisioned my data drive at 1.5 TB, but now i'm running out of diskspace. Can i extend this disk to 2 TB (using 2 * 3TB disk in ESXi) easily in DSM? Or is the best way to create a second disk (0.5 TB) and add this disk to XPEnonlgy (DSM)? thanks in advance for the answers! MAdD