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  1. I didnt want to restart either however i decided best to do it cuz when i set it up i didnt know what i was doing. Made some poor decisions. Learned alot. So now i can start again and do it right.
  2. If you read above, I cant LOG into the box. I get a synology page not found error, no matter how i try to connect. However, using mapped drives I had full access to all of my data. Therefore, I was able to transfer everything off.
  3. I decided to backup everything and start fresh...
  4. So suddenly today I am no longer able to log into DSM. all was fine this am, and now I get a NOT found message. However, I am able to see my shares, my iscsi drives and apps still work. I have rebooted, and restarted my pfsense box as well. Nothing works. Please help. I was/am on dsm 6.1.7 the newest without going to 6.2... and auto updates are off.
  5. So I have a i5-750 on gigabyte ga-p55a-ud3 (rev 1.0) with 16gb of ram. I currently have 3x8tb, 3x4tb, and 2x500g ssd, attached to it. I added an LSI 9211-8i (in it mode) and when I booted it the ram is now only 8gb and cannot and drives attached to the lsi controller are not recognized by DSM, but are seen by lsi bios. I have tried tireleshsly to fix this but cannot. PLEASE HELP.