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  1. Hi All, My subject title could be misleading but could be related. My DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5 seems to have crashed or something has gone wrong. I did the update a little while ago and everything has been fine (including the reboots) until my last reboot a couple of nights ago. Now the Xpenology comes back online but seems to have lost its static IP address and getting a new DHCP address. I cannot access it via telnet or SSH but through a web UI. It is asking to "Install" with the message, "We've detected that the hard drives of your current DS3617xs had been moved from a previous
  2. Hi - thank you for your reply. I have done that i.e. I have created a Linux Mint VM, put it in the same LAN and even created a 802.1q VLAN subinterface by following the instructions here: but still reach my Xpenology NAS. Maybe it has lost it's IP address even though it was statically configured? I feel like the only options I have now are: 1. Delete this Xpelonogy VM and start over ... kind of painful and time cusuming 2. Somehow try to setup new IP address info via the basic command line interface availa
  3. Hi Guys, have you been able to resolve this? I have a similar problem and need to reset my DSM without having to re-install. My mistake is that I enabled 802.1q vlan tagging by mistake and now cannot access my Xpenology at all. Is there a way to reset it? Please see attached for more on what I did - stupidly. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Kim. I don't have any physical disks connected to a sas controller. I am only using virtual disks and I have tried different options but every time I get the error i.e. unable to format the disk (35).
  5. Hi Kim, Thank you for making suggestions. I just added the existing hard drive for the vmdk file. I didn't make any changes in terms of SAS controller with passthrough as you have suggested. How do I do that if it's required? Sorry but I am unable to find these settings. I tried below as attached but that does not seem to have made any difference. Hope you are able to advise. Thanks.
  6. I am using "synoboot.img" as the boot loader and "synoboot.vmdk" as the only SCSI hard disk. No other disks.
  7. Hi IG-88, thanks for jumping in. I had already tried good old Google and several other tricks to make it work before reaching out here. The synoboot.vmdk file that I am using as "Existing hard disk" is nothing but the text file (attached) renamed. So not sure how your Google suggestion can help in this situation. synoboot.txt
  8. Thanks Kim. I have been trying to get this going for the last couple of days but cannot go beyond the stage of choosing the .pat file and clicking on the Install Now button. It starts to upload the .pat file and then gives the error, "Failed to format the disk. (35) as attached. Please note the VM I have created for this has only one disk i.e. synoboot.vmdk added as an "Existing hard disk". Could you please advise what could possible be the reason? Thank you.
  9. Hi Kim, thank you for the helpful details. It's all clear except the bits where you mention, "I made the VM in esxi 6.0". Are you saying you created a new VM? If so, then how did it update your existing VM with Xpenology DSM 5.2? Sorry if it's something quite obvious and I cannot get my head around it. Thanks.
  10. Hi Kim, have you posted somewhere your experience of updating your ESXi Xpenology VM DSM from 5.2 to the latest? Please share if you don't mind. Thanks.
  11. Hi IG-88, thank you for your reply. Sorry for I didn't mean to draw attention on the hardware aspects. The key question is how to update the XPEnology DSM in an ESXi virtual environment. Since I am not using a physical USB drive to boot of the loader how I do deal with updating the VID / PID kind of configuration. If anyone has updated the ESXi VM XPEnology that information would be very helpful. Thank you.
  12. Hi - please note my current setup: 1. ESXi 6 on HP Gen8 microserver with 16GB memory 2. XPEnology ISO currently used: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.iso in a virtual machine 3. Current DSM Version: DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3 Could you please advise how I can update my DSM to the latest possible version? I have read this forum and cannot seem to find instructions specific to help me - but if the information is already provided somewhere, please accept my apology and point me in the right direction. Thank you!