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  1. Half-Ogre

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Checking reviews of this board and see only one m.2 slot, there are pro4 version with one LAN port and two m.2.Does it works with pcie SSDs?Newer loader should accept m.2 ngff, as synology released expansion slot for those this year.Old loaders/DSMs supported just m.2 SATA spec SSDs.Using cache feature on few production systems.BTW cheap ASM1061 dual m.2 slot sata expansion boards works fine (50$),same as QNAP expansion board dual m.2 SATA (110$) but in has addinional cooling (yep, they are hot when used as cache 50-75C). Degraded by smart wear level for 30% past 12 month.Consumer grade S
  2. Hi.But there's only one free license for VDSM.What if i need 2-3 of them to separate projects,hardcap disk limit and delegate administration?Using loader inside VVM is one of realistic case.
  3. пробовал поискать,не нашел.а mail plus кто то от жадности отучил?
  4. +1 also see some potential use scenarios for SRM as VM or legacy hardware appliance.
  5. Id rather make migration instead of upgrade.backup-new install-restore data.Anyway backup before upgrade.
  6. HP N40L upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1.2 with loader went smooth.Disabled C1E in bios and upgraded with reinstall (data partition is safe) from online mode.Thanks a lot.
  7. +1,maybe make just proxmox loader release and do not wait till all esxi vmware stuff will be ready?
  8. Has any one used qemu-guest-agent for shutdown/snapshot?
  9. Im doing this a bit simplier.Create VM with e1000 networking,and two SATA drives.One is for loader( small =1gb),other for storage(space that i need).Then scp/copy synoboot.img to proxmox and just dd if=synoboot.img of=vm-disk.1gb.raw to write loader at first drive.On install by default all drives will be wiped out,and system is not going to boot until i repeat the dd commant AFTER install.Thats all-xpenology on proxmox is up and running.Once encountered "recovery" state after install-just press "recover" button and it will reboot at normal state.Still no luck with NET virtio drivers-they usual
  10. Half-Ogre

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi.Im really tried to search but no luck))where can i download open-vm-tools_bromolow-6.0_10.0.7-1.spk for virtualized installs?