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  1. Hello dodo-dk I'm in a DMS 7.0.1 installation with the model DS3615xs, it's possible to add the button.ko module and acpid service without having to compile the loader again?. If yes could you explain how to? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm not a very expertise user on linux/compile etc.. I have a baremetal HP micro server N54 with the 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 on production, I don't have the possibility to test on alternative server. So the steps I have to follow are: Burn image on a USB Boot the server with the USB Create the loader with the GUI on the 3er partition (it is semi automatic? Drivers, copy to part 1 and 2, etc?) Reboot again from the same USB to boot from the bootloader Update DSM as previous loaders Magic?
  3. Thank you very much! C1 option do the trick!
  4. Hi, I accidentally reset my HP microserver Bios and now Juns loader 1.03b boots and get stuck on "find.synology.com" message, seems that don't get an IP address. Could someone screenshot all relevant screen on NL bios? Thanks
  5. Hemin

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    This solution works for me
  6. Hemin

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello, I migrated a HP microserver NL54 baremetal from 6.1 to 6.2 (3615), at the beginning all seems working ok, i can connect to the web ui, open file station, etc, but after few seconds (about 60secs) all services stopped, no lan interface is listed but i can get it with the ifconfig command. If i try to open the resource monitor i get a "Connection Error". Any idea about what is going wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi, I recently updated my NL54 from 5.2 to 6.0 and then update to patch 9. Now I noticed that transferring files from shared folders is slower than version 5.2. With v5.2 speed transfers was about 100Mb/s average and now the average speed is 30-40Mb/s. Anyone with the same problem? Someone says that update 9 or 8 is the problem, but I don't know because i've updated to patch 9 immediately after upgrade DSM to version 6.0
  8. Si. Desde el parche 8 o así... Enviado desde mi Aquaris X5 Plus mediante Tapatalk Y sabes si hay forma de cargar un update anterior? Yo nada mas actualizar a la 6, como iba con carrerilla lo actualicé al update 9
  9. Hace unos dias que he actualizado a la 6.0.2 en mi HP NL54, de momento parece todo correcto pero no se por que motivo creo que ahora las transferencias por red me van mas lentas. Ahora la tasa de transferencia es de unos 40MB maximo, cuando antes eran de 100Mb/s os pasa a alguien mas?
  10. Hi, Sorry to re-open this post, but it's possible to migrate from bare metal to esxi? and if it's possible, how? Thanks
  11. VengeceVapourX, I have dropbox on my devices with a folder containing .torrent files. Every time I download a .torrent to the dropbox folder, Downstation detect it and Torrent download automatically begin. You only have to install CloudSync and enable the DownStation option to load automatically torrens from a folder.
  12. Nop until a moded version of the .pat goes out First post from this page... Nope, they are 2 different things. small updates come as deb packages, and don't increase build number. new builds have a new build number (4458), and comes as a pat file.
  13. It Works! I've followed all the steps and MariaDB is working again without losing data. Thanks
  14. Unfortunately it doesn't work. It's not a big problem, only my xbmc have the db on the server and it doesn't show movies or series and my wife perhaps will kill me, but I can run faster than she
  15. Hi all! First of all thanks for porting this "OS" to a non Synology NAS, I'm a owner of NL54 server and it works like a charm! And now mi little problem..., I've updated MariaDB module to the last version and doesn't star. Searching on Google I found that this solves by upgrading to the new version, so... waiting for the new XPEnology version , it's possible to roll back to the old MariaDB module without losing any data? Thanks!