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  1. It was reserved but removing it has done nothing as has resetting bios, I'm at a complete loss now, cant understand why it would work fine previously but its no longer seen by synology assistant......... EDIT: I recreated a 5.2 XPEnoboot disk and it popped straight up so its obviously something I'm doing wrong creating the usb stick for 6.0.2 but following the guide to the T and not getting any errors when it boots
  2. I think the IP address maybe reserved, I will check again later thanks again
  3. hmmmm formatted both hard drives, re created my usb stick, changing the uid and cid, serial and mac code as per the guide, booted the microserver selected amd baremetal and again cannot see the xpenology in synology assistant......?
  4. very odd I cant see either..... ohwell after almost a week of copying data across (for some reason the transfer speeds are hiddous in ubunto?) I'm almost done so will just do a fresh install I think
  5. Polanskiman wrote: mervincm wrote: Is the data important or do you just want to start over? in any case you can try 6.1, you can always grab another USB key, write the IMG again, and try from that. While working on a seperate issue, I build a functional 6.11U4 system quite simply. for the 6.02 guide , but using the 1.02a IMG, the DSM version you need to download was listed in the synology assistant after you boot from the stick. The other key was to fix the PID/VID using the "boot from stick, hit C to launch command prompt, pid command, pid 0x(your 4 digits),vid command, vid 0x(your 4 digits
  6. Ok making some progress I can see the data and folders using a live cd usb pen, bad news Is I don't have anything to backup all the data with, I guess I'll have to go and get a portable hdd
  7. OK will take a look later thanks again I just thought I'd at least be able to see it connected as a device on my router, is there a guide to option 2? as I cant see my nas I cant reinstall? *edit* cant even get a live cd to boot from usb, its just hanging with a flashing white curser..... maybe I need a new usb stick, said it had created it successfully.
  8. I certainly don't mind re-installing apps etc but thought that's what I had already tried recreating my USB drive? Followed your guide for using Jun's loader for 6.0.2 changing vid and pid along with serial and mac booted from USB selected option 4 (amd bare metal) and all appears normal just can't see diskstation at all to even to reinstall dsm, will try connecting it directly to router later to see if that helps
  9. Tried several cables directly to my router and cant even see it as an attached device any longer..... wonder if the LAN has died? lights are still flickering away on it
  10. Thanks Guys, I've tried another usb stick following the guide again for 6.0.2 everything seems to go ok until I start searching for the nas using sinology assistant when all it says is no server can be found
  11. Hi for some reason my user account had gone (maybe I hadn't posted in so long) anyway I've got a bit of an issue with my 6.0.2 Build, all has been fine using juns loader 1.01 I think it was, I updated the dsm earlier (was set for only critical updates) to the latest 6.0.2 version, it then came up as migratable using synology assistant so got the matching version DSM_DS3615xs_8451 and installed that, now I cant see the nas at all, its stuck on booting the kernel (Microserver N54L) Its booting on the 5th option for the loader (DS3615xs 6.02 baremetal amd with jun's mod v1.01 I didn't wan