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  1. I've used 2nd network card and that was the easiest solution for me. Thx 2 all that suggested a possible solution. After I've corrected the MTU, I'd some further testing and upto MTU 6000 the DS is able to connect to my network. But the throughput is not really effected by the change of the MTU in my network.
  2. Yes I know - but I've set the IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS-Server on my DS manually - hence a p2p won't work.
  3. Yes the router is in between and it doesn't allow to change the MTU. Direct access isn't possible, because I've configured the network settings manually
  4. I'd already change the MTU on my PC, but my router Fritzbox 7490 FW 6.80 doesn't seem to support this high MTU rate. SSH is not enabled I'll try to get a 2nd network adapter and hopefully this will allow me to access again. Thx wgk
  5. Hej guys, I dared to set the MTU value to 9000 and now I cannot access my DSM anymore. How can I get access to my DSM configuration via a console or any other way? Cheers wgk
  6. Hi, I was very happy that the update to DSM 6.x went so smooth, but later I've realized that the network speed has become very slow. Any idea what might be the reason? Thx wgk ###################### I've managed it myself by activating MTU 2000. I'm not using MTU in my network, but for some reason I'd to set it on my DSM.
  7. It worked perfectly using Jun's official v.1.01 loader only. I'm running an ASUS P3-P5G43 | 2GB RAM | 4x3TB WD migrating from DSM_5.2-5644 Update-2 | XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.4 Thx very much for your support !!!
  8. Happy Nu Year to all, I've updated to 5.2-5644 and everything is working fine, despite the fact that under Windows 10 my DS isn't listed anymore. I manually need to enter the IP or DNS name to access it. Under Win7-Ultimate it works as before the update. Any idea if this issue is Win10 or DSM 5.2-5644 related? Cheers wgk
  9. doubleugk

    Bios reset

    Hi, I've experienced an odd behaviour on my XPEnology. Each time I was booting, the bios was reseted. I've checked the battery and other hardware components. I've also ported my disks to another system, but the problem remained unchanged. Then I've decided to go for fresh installation and the problem disappeared. I assume it had to do with ipkg and the installation of lm-sensors. Because I've used nanoboot until that time, I wasn't able to upgrade to DSM 5.1. After switching to XPEnoboot the upgrade to the latest DSM is possible and now all required power saving options are available and I
  10. It was my fault Accendently the cooling unit wasn't mounted tight. Hence the heat couldn't lead away from the CPU.
  11. I have have working fan and if I touch the alloy cooler it is warm. I assume that because it's a barebone 2,9 Ghz CPU its working temp is higher then a NAS CPU, hence the coded temp thresholds needing to be adjusted.
  12. Hi, My system is experiencing a strange behaviour. Because of no reason it shuts down due to CPU overheating. This happened after I've installed Photo Station and the indexing process was triggered. Could it be possible that some CPU temp thresholds are too low and mine is getting warmer but never close to overheating. Advice appreciated.
  13. Hi, danke für die Anleitung, aber leider bleibt die VM bei diesem Schritt stehen