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  1. hey ive done the steps above but when i boot to the gnoboot-me menu there is no install for 5.0-4458 only for 5.0-4418 and the older versions how did you get to install DSM 4458


    I am using the DSM_DS3612xs_4458.pat and it does not want to migrate or install


    1. using gnoboot-alpha10-vfat <---- is this correct... ?

    2. @ 40% i get an error 13 file corrupted. and have downloaded an alternate image.

    3. any pointers please .. ?


    Please help.


    So to fix:

    use only 4418 pat file util 4458 gnoboot will released.

    I saw in blog that will released in weekend.

  2. How to install DSM 5.0 4458.


    If you have 5.0beta1 trantor then you can use gnoboot 10.3 alpha

    1. write using win32imagedrive gnoboot 10.3 alpha to usb

    2. boot from usb

    3. select gnoboot-me

    4. using synology asssistant install latest 4458 pat file

    5. reboot with usb inserted , (don't select gnoboot-me, let grub to select automatically )

    6. drivers will be upgraded and inserted in original 4458 installed version.



    - no data will be deleted or altered on installation

    - need to reconfigure again users and permission if you lost them.

    - try a scrub to be sure that all data are ok.


    Tested on :

    Gigabyte GA-1307UN (without FAN)

    3x 2TB hdd using SHR RAID1.

    It's working great.

    Thanks gnoboot.


  3. has anyone tried to update the beta from the control panel??

    I tried, and the station is not working any more.


    Synology Assistant starts when i try to acces the station (local or domain adrresss), and after a while, it says :Configuration lost. Please check your network connection.


    But the ping response is ok.


    I don't know what to do.

    Shall i try to install 5.0 beta (on usb stick) or to reinstall 4.3.3810 ?

    The problem is loosing data.


    My pc is with a 1037UN motherboard, 4 GB.



    Any sugestions ?

    Thanks in advance.

    try rebuild usb boot , then install again using synology assistant previously dsm build if synology doesn't boot.

    You can't downgrade if you installed dsm 5.0 beta.