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  1. Hey Guys, Sorry to join the conversation like that, I'm just running in the same issue but in a different configuration. I'm actually on a physical machine, using the XPEnology_DS3612xs_build 3810++ (repack v1.0) Here is my configuration : Asus P5E3 WS 2 Go Ram DDR3 Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 HDD Seagate 750GB ES 2 I have added a RAID Controller Adaptec 6805 and since I have added the controller I'm getting the same error scemd[3738]: segfault at 8 ip ......... sp .............. error 4 in scemd when I remove the RAID controller it works fine, but I would like to keep the RAID
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    CPU Temperature

    Hello guys, I'm kind of new on the forum but I have seen this post, and I have the same issue. The temperature displayed by the system (match) is the temperature of one of my hard drive disks. So I hope it will be solved in the final version of the 5.0, because I have tested on 4.3 and 5.0 Beta. MotherBoard : Asrock FM2A88X Pro+ CPU : AMD A4-5300 RAM : 2 Go G Skill