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  1. wow... seems nanoboot could simulate the real syno device and fool around the syno firmware...
  2. o~.. i found that the update had been withdraw by synology......
  3. i tried to download the update the @smallupd@te_deb folder contain the following file apache-2.2.x-bromolow-bin_2.2.26-4458-s1_all.deb dsm-AdminCenter-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb dsm-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb flashupdate_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb libsynobackup-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb libsynocgi-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb libsynosdk-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb libsynoshare-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb libsynowireless-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb lnxessential-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb lnxscemd-2.0-bromolow-bin_5.0-4458-s1_all.deb lnxsdk-bromo
  4. wow... it's true. I got an update notification today. DSM being closed source, it most likely can not be installed anyway.
  5. I set the DSM only shows the major update. Yesterday the update apps shows a major update of DSM4.3-3827 update 1 however, with gnoboot 10.3, i failed to update this with build-in update apps. Such update seems unavailable from synology website. Here is the cat messages about the update failure Mar 20 10:27:44 NAS updater: updater.c:4405 Start of the updater... Mar 20 10:27:45 NAS updater: updater.c:4503 This is X86 platform Mar 20 10:27:45 NAS updater: updater.c:4509 The SynoBoot partitions exist. Mar 20 10:27:45 NAS updater: updater.c:2744 SYNORedBootUpdCheckAndApply(2744): Skip
  6. DSM 4.3 update 1 released today anyone tried?
  7. ha... may i know your spec. of yr netgear? it sounds great~, having a cheaper hardware and running a great software. i doubt if asustor NAS could work too.?
  8. Great have you got a link to the correct pat file please thanks for your help dude... pat file can be found from the official synology website you may use DS3612xs as your syno model (which is most commonly used model in xpenology)
  9. hello, can you talk more about your upgrade step? which boot option do you choose when boot with 10.3 gnoboot-alpha or gnoboot-me ? and did you upgrade via DSM or syno assistant?
  10. i don't have time recently to test it on the real machine yet. Just ask for safety. I'm currently running DSM4.3, when i decided to upgrade to 5.0, should i boot from gnoboot-alpha and upgrade online, or boot from gnoboot.me and upgrade from syno assistant??
  11. actually it is not necessary to make mirror. although you may not be able to down it, you can make a copy to your google drive then download it from your own google drive. I just made a copy to my own google drive and it immediately synced to my computer in a second.
  12. did u pay trantor or gnoboot to work for you? if no. u better shutup, he didnt own u anything if u want an update, u can programme a kernel yrself or buy a real synology if u are not knowledgeable enough to do it yrself, then shutup
  13. actually, i think the physical button should use "poweroff" or "shutdown -h now" normally we can shutdown in the web interface, which regard as the safest shutdown however when something happen and the web service and ssh/telnet service is closed, you 'll finded no way to shutdown properly (unless you plug a keyboard and blindtype your login password poweroff
  14. i have a new idea according to this post http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=889 it is possible to incorporate the ACPI support so that we can power off by physical power button. using the power button to call "shutdown -h now" or the syno_poweroff_feasible_check + syno_poweroff_task script it would be convenience when testing the machine. (although it may not be necessary when the machine started in use for 24/7 )