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  1. Ok, now here is the log. Looks like the disk crashed. Can i now confirm the HDD was on its way out? SMART quick check comes back fine.
  2. Hi, I've been running my 11 disk Xpenology DS for roughly a month with excellent consistency and performance until on of my disks, disk 3 "Disk Plugged Out" and then "Disk Plugged in" 12 minutes later. This resulted in having to rebuild. Took roughly 26 hours to rebuild which is far superior to the 7 days it took on the Synology hardware. I'm just wondering if this is common? I was using a 500 watt EVGA 80+ PSU. I ordered a second PSU to run disks 8 - 16 going forward. Disk 3 has no bad sectors and has 7500 hours on the clock so I don't think this was a disk issue. Opinions on; Do you think this was a Synology software issue? Do you think this was a Xpenology issue? Do you think this was a PSU issue? Should i flash the LSI Sata cards to IT mode? Do you think this was something else; any other hardware issue or just an anomaly? Thanks
  3. OK. It wasn't recognizing the server name as "NAS" any longer. I used the local IP to map and now its fine. Weird since the server is still named NAS..
  4. Hi, I setup link aggregation using my Cisco SG 200-8. Everything is fine in setup but i cannot connect to the NAS in windows any longer. Syno assistant recognizes the NAS on the network but when i try to map it to a letter drive it cannot connect.
  5. Please pm me your paypal so i can atleast buy you a beer and a lunch. You got me up and running with my SHR 2 transfered!
  6. So its denying the migration bc i was on a newer DSM on my previous Syno box where the array was housed. EDIT Migration completed, rebooting now.. fingers crossed.
  7. Finally all disks recognized! There is an extra disk recognized, i think its the USB thumbdrive recognized as a Harddisk. Now how to i import the SHR raid?
  8. Disk n the Grey port on the mobo it shows up as the 9th disk, this is before and after I edit the max disks from 12 to 32. Editing the Esata and USB and then rebooting has been fine. Now i will attempt to edit the internal config which is what asks for a migration.
  9. No i def dont need DSM 6. Any DSM version that would work would be fine. My SHR was built pre BTRFS. Its strictly a media server so security is not a concern at all.
  10. Yea, if i reboot without changing the config it reboots without issue. I also changed the max disk to 32 and left all other values as default and i had no issues upon reboot.
  11. Eh no matter what it asks to migrate for some reason.
  12. Ok if i use one of those ports before mapping via the config file DSM see no drives. So once i reboot swap to a the intel controller?
  13. Lets start from the beginning. Start my Xpenology machine with 1 clean drive installed in port 1 of the onboard ports. Install DSM via manual option selecting the DSM_DS3615xs_8451 file when DSM loads edit both files /etc/synoinfo.conf and /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf with the below Max disks= 32 esataportcfg="0x0" usbportcfg="0xFF00000000" internalportcfg="0xFFFFFFFF" and support_syno_hybrid_raid="yes" Then reboot.