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  1. does having 4 nic ports work for increasing transfer bandwidth for a single connection (Link bonding?) I was thinking of purchasing a Synology Nas model with 4 Nic ports but theoretical gigabit speed is saturated over 1 port so why have 4 unless you have multiple users accessing simultaneously?
  2. Can anyone who has been brave enough to test Jun's latest 1.02b installer with the q1900 board report back with success on bare metal? I am currently testing on 6.02 but have been holding off on updating to 6.1 because the previous Jun loader was having issues with updates....can any users with the q1900 report back to the group if 6.02 to 6.1 has been tested to work when using the new loader to update? I am tempted to try but am concerned drivers may be missing for this board or other possible issues .. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone managed to successfully update baremetal from JUNS Loader v1.01 up to V1.02a with the q1900-itx? I am currently running v1.01 baremetal on DSM 6.02 update 11, but I am wondering if i should move up to 6.1 or 6.1.1 yet? I appreciate any success stories for those who have attempted and steps taken... I want to minimize any risk where possible.. Thanks-