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  1. Well, trying to fix things i edited manually the files related to networking using vi through ssh. I changed hostname and added a gateway and the static ip. After reboot i get the new name and ip in the diskstation assistant and every other info is right but the connection status is failed. I then proceed to the manual network config as sugested and i get status ready... the rest is a loop like described in my previous posts. After the next shutdown is back to failed... Thank you for replying.
  2. Hello. Thanks a lot for your reply. I was feeling transparent. That is a solution i cant try, because my router is the ISP provided and it doesnt allow to make ip reservation. That means that prior to the update, i didnt have ip reserve configured and it worked fine. Thank you anyway.
  3. Hello everybody. First of all many thanks - all the knowledge i found here as been truly useful. My problem is: When I manually configure a static IP via Network management in DSM, it doesnt stay as configured after any shutdown or reebot. Background: I had successfully installed and configured DSM 6.1 with juns loader in a old pc i had lying around. As a first experiment I made it a movie server for my kodi htpc (over lubuntu). Both the NAS and the htpc had static IPs in that first config and everything was working really fine. Then a 6.1.1 update appeared and i gave it a try. I updated through DSM update tab. The result was that i lost network access to my NAS. The NIC leds didnt even light up. The NAS was working tough, because it entered standby after the configured period of inactivity. Then I tried a force install via the loader. That made the NIC come alive again and Synology Assistant found the NAS and a menu for updating in the web browser followed. I tried the first option - Migrating, to update maintaining configs and files but doing so got me in to the previous step, when i had no network. Afterwards i tried the second option, i believe it was called clean install, only maintaining the files. This option worked and i got the 6.1.1 webbrowser page working and accessing the NAS. I made it manually with the .pat downloaded from synology site. First thing i did was restoring a previous config backup I had done when everything was working. Then i proceeded to alter everything not restored like NFS permissions config, task scheduler, etc. I also configured the static IP in the network tab and tried to alter the mtu (just to see if it worked for me with this new firmware, since it didnt whit the previous). Everything seemed to be working fine. Until i made the first reboot. After the reboot i cant ping the Nas. I also cant access via webbrowser or ssh. In the Synology Assistant i get the entry for Diskstation, the IP i configured via DSM network management ( out of the router dhcp scope), all the correct info, but the connection status reads connection failed or faillure (cant remember the exact expression - also is not in english). It promps me to correct the network config. After entering admin login i get a page where it reads that either i get DHCP provided IP or i can enter it manually. The fields come pre-filled with the following: IP: - which curiously is my htpc static IP, also out of the DHCP scope netmask: gateway: blank dns server: i then proceed to alter manualy to and enter gateway and DNS and save, following what the Assistant lists my NAS as "ready". Everything operates nicely afterwards. It seems to me that it works even if i only enter the IP and leave other entries blank (i'm not sure, im away from home now). I go to the network manager and i also find the gateway entry is blank. I redo the config. All works. Until a reboot or shutdown. After this i go back to the previous step where "In the Synology Assistant i get the entry for Diskstation, the IP i configured via DSM network management ( out of the router dhcp scope), all the correct info, but the connection status reads connection failed or faillure" and " cant ping the Nas. I also cant access via webbrowser or ssh". i tried configuring other ip ( - also out of dhcp scope). It didnt work, also. The only difference was that when entering Assistant for manually configuring network the suggested IP was different (i dont remember well but it was a high value, no like when i introduce that allways suggests Any ideas what i can do to get over this back to when it worked? PS: Im thinking of dowgrading to 6.1 again but i'm afraid that it wont work also. I dont know. Pardon my subjectivity but it doesnt feel like a update problem... I found no one complaining about this after their update other than me in this forum. Thanks for reading the long post.
  4. Well, I'll pose my questions on the general tab...
  5. Well... now every time i reebot the nas i have to configure the synology assistant manual network for the DSM fixed IP. in dsm i configured networt to etc. every time i reboot assistant has in its manual config the ip and no gateway and a strange dns server ip... any ideas?
  6. Well, solved it. Instead of migrating i choose the other option: "Clean Install" as i recall. It keeps only files, no configs. Did all that again, step by step. Its now working with 6.1.1 15101.. for now, at least... thanks anyway
  7. Hello. Newbie here. I built a xpenology box, baremetal, on a Asus P5QL-E motherboard (Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller (L1e)) with compatible hardware. Installed following guidance from this amazing forum. Had everything working and configured. juns loader 1.02a and DSM 6.1 15047 When i recieved the notification for 6.1.1 i waited for a few days and then i tried the 15101 version. The NAS seems to work (it autoshutdown just like configured) but the network is gone. Made a force install and migration but everytime the network is gone - the nic leds dont even light up. Every time i do a force install i can acess i have no ssh access. Any help?