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  1. Those loaders a deprecated. The link doesn't contain the latest Xpenoboot loader for DSM 5.2. I will talk to Trantor and ask him what the problem is with the website. hi Polanskiman, thanks for looking into it ... Xpenology was actually working verry wel on my HP Microserver ... until i decided to update my main synology NAS to a new version of DSM i use the HP Microserver as backup (sync between the two) , and the update of DSM to version 6 broke the config between the two. stupid as i am i updated my xpenology machine and broke it completly ... ever since i am trying to reinstall the microserver but i'm hitting walls ... am i correct in assuming there is no way at this point to install DSM 6 version's on my HP microserver hardware (baremetal) , not talking about virtualization ...
  2. hi, if i go to this website and use the download links provided , i end up at the downloads of the official xpenology website ...
  3. hi guyes, is there someone that can provide me of the latest XPEnoboot , it is over a week now that the download link is not working for me ... i need the ISO to be able to run xpenology again in my HP Microserver ... thanx in advance