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  1. I managed to fix it by wiping the system partition and reinstalling, fortunately my data was safe!
  2. Thanks, I should have added, I think I have downgraded back to an earlier version, but cannot check as the server is not getting a network address. The link lights on the network adapters are flashing away and the network activity light on the front of the server is lit, just no network address, so I can't ping or connect to the server...
  3. Hi, I (stupidly) upgraded to the latest version (DSM 6.0.3-8754) and have lost access to my server (HP Gen8 microserver). The main issue is I cannot find it on the network when it boots up, this has happened before and I believe it's connected with my HomeHub 5, it somehow is blacklisting itself and not getting an ip address (on either interface, both are connected). If I boot the server using an ubuntu installation via usb, it happily gets a network address. Can anyone suggest anything I can try? I have quite a fair bit of data on my server and don't really want to lose it, I am, however, willing to reinstall the synology part, if this is the only solution? Thanks in advance!