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  1. For anyone interested, I finally got this to work by setting the VM's serial port 1 IP to the same IP as the ESXi server, and enabling remoteSerialPort rule in the firewall using esxcli.
  2. Hello, I'm using Jun's DS3617xs bootloader for DSM 6.1 on my ESXi 6.5 server. I'd like to be able to use the serial console (bidirectionally if possible) since I really miss the screen console output with Nanoboot 5.2 - it really helps with debugging if I can't get far enough to SSH into the VM. I've tried to set up the serial console with the following settings: Direction: Server Port URI: telnet:// (Not using serial port concentrator) When I try to telnet to DSM bootloader VM, I get the following: Trying telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host It also does the same thing when changing the direction to "client". More info: I'm using telnet from Ubuntu 17.04 terminal. Seems like it should work ? Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!