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  1. OK so i have it working modified the grub file so there is a total of 4 Mac addresses yet DSM see's all 5. Im getting this message creating a VM i have tried modifying the subnet in network as you can see. any idea's ?
  2. OK one last question, Mac1 = the mac address on the mobo, Mac2,3,4,5 from the new NIC do i just generate a random MAC as the card has no Mac addresses on it.
  3. cheers buddy went for a Dell Intel 4 port in the end as was around the corner on ebay so just drove round and picked it up. Going to give it a whirl this afternoon
  4. Will this one work ? Hope im not breaking rules by posting a link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-Dell-Pro-1000-VT-PCI-E-Quad-Port-Network-NIC-/282541769782?
  5. OK cheers guys going on the hunt for a NIC, loads of 4 ports on ebay for £30 or a brand new two port for £35
  6. when i try to create a virtual switch it says no network interface available
  7. its says warning you cannot access VM's as you only have 1 network interface
  8. No I want to Run a VM within xpenology but it says i only have 1 NIC
  9. Im Running DSM on the bare metal. straight from a USB, Machine is a Lenovo think server TS140 with a Xeon Quad core. nothing fancy at all all i want to do is run a VM ideally all over the built in NIC
  10. cheers mate will take a look when i get home. I have the system up an running fine just want to add a NIC so i can run a VM, can i not just create a virtual switch and run a VM from this just like VMware ?
  11. thanks for the info, Is there a guide to what i need to do to the grub file then ? Bit of a noob to this. Was hoping it might be plug and play.
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for a network card so i can create some VM's Using the onboard one in a Thinkserver at the moment. Can i use any network card or is there a specific one that works best ? Ideall 2-4 ports. Thanks in advance.
  13. As tittle really, i have a 128gb SSD laying about and a 512gb one. will using one make that much difference to anything ? running my system on a Xeon quad core with 5 HDD's at the moment
  14. cheers buddy, I will investigate the camera situation. setting the DNS manually worked cheers for that i now have access to the apps
  15. ok downloaded and working from synology website. annoyingly package center still not working. Everything else is. Any tips on camera licences ? although one of my new cameras has just gone belly up