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  1. I am still quite new to Xpenology and currently have my first setup running on Jun's loader v1.02a with DSM version 6.1-15047. I would like to update my version of DSM as well as Jun's loader to the latest version (v1.02b), but before I start I would like to know what is the best way of doing an update? Do I just need to flash a USB stick with the new loader, or are there more steps? Will the data on my NAS survive the update? If it doesn't I have all the content on my NAS backed-up, and I'll backup the configuration before I start, but is there anything else I need to do to prepare? Than
  2. You're right! I was sure I had gone through every BIOS setting one-by-one, but I must have missed something. I shorted the BIOS jumpers to reset to the default settings and it is working fine now. Thanks for the help!
  3. Anyone got any thoughts?? From further experimenting it seems that when DSM is shutdown from the web GUI it completely turns off my NIC (no lights are blinking), so it is not able to respond to the WOL magic package. Does anyone know how I can prevent DSM from completely shutting down the NIC?
  4. I am having trouble getting WOL to work using Jun's loader. I am using a Dell T20 and WOL is enabled in the BIOS. In grub.cfg I have set the MAC address to the physical address of my NIC, I have enabled WOL on eth0 under Control Panel/Hardware and Power/Power Recovery in DSM, and if I SSH into my machine and run 'ethtool eth0' the output shows: Supports Wake-on: pumbg Wake-on: g which as far as I understand means that the machine is capable of running WOL. Unfortunately if I now turn the machine off from within DSM, then a WOL command issued from a number of different Android Apps can
  5. Great! I thought that might be the case - thanks for confirming. Now to see if I can get WOL working.....
  6. Can anyone explain why the Mac address and Serial Number need to be changed in grub.cfg in Jun's loader, and why they can't be left at the default? If it needs to be changed, does it need to be changed to the Mac address of my NIC, or does it need to be changed to something else? Finally, is the Mac address I set in grub.cfg the one I should be using for setting up WOL? Thanks for the help!
  7. I have the same problem. Successfully used loader v1.02a2 on ESXi 6.5, but when experimenting with the same loaded on baremetal, got error 13. I have correctly set the PID/VID in grub.cfg so not sure what the problem is. I am using a Dell T20 with a Pentium G3220, 16 Gb of ECC RAM and 2x2 TB WD Reds.
  8. Hi, I am new to XPenology and these forums, but I have just successfully managed to install DSM 6.1 on my Dell T20 using ESXi 6.5. The only issue I had during installation was that I was unable to edit syslinux.cfg, so my boot drive shows up in DSM. I mounted the .img file from Jun's v1.02a2 loader with OSFMount, but I couldn't find a syslinux.cfg file to edit. Can anyone explain how to find syslinux.cfg or stop the boot drive showing up in DSM? Thanks in advance!