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  1. No need to upgrade to 3617xs. The test I carried above I also did with 3615xs and with the same result. It would fully upgraded to 6.1.1 from 6.1 with v1.02a2 but then DSM would not be reachable. A clean install did however work like it did with 3617xs. Dear Polanskiman, I used v1.02a(lpha) and performed a 6.1.1 upgrade, then, as you mentioned, it's not reachable no surprises.... I really hate myself now I am about to: - unplug my current hard drives and perform a clean installation with another flash drive and a spare hard disk; - shutdown; - unplug hard disk and replug in my hard disks with same order as before and perform a migration; Will this make things right? Thanks a lot! And sorry for the bothering. BR//Wey