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  1. tg3 module is included. What issue do you have? I'm not able to find the diskstation with the synology assistant. i've setup the grup.conf with the vit, pid, mac ecc: set vid=0x0... set pid=0x0... set sn=B3J4.... set mac1=38EAA7... It's possible that the SN is the problem? I've the B3J4N01003 that i see is a default serial used also here UPDATE: Actually i'm using xpenoboot to boot the DSM on a HP Proliant Microserver. Everything work fine with the DSM 5.2-5967. I'm not able to boot with Jun's loader (baremetal), the boot up process is blocked on the black screen saying "Booting the kernel", with synology assistant i'm not able to find the server to start the migration.
  2. Hi i have the same issue, with a t3 driver needed. I've a Tigon3, but the 1.01 doesn't include the t3 driver. How to include it? Thanks!! eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95723) rev 5784100] (PCI Express) MAC address Your MSI P6NGM has a Realtek PHY 8201CL that needs the 8139too.ko module and it is not included in the loader. Assuming you are using the loader v1.01, can you please replace the extra.lzma ramdisk in the loader with this one and try installing again?!HRJQGbhA!moPPC7fRCn-4 ... E8SaazHDg8 Please revert whether it works or not.
  3. stefanorg

    DSM 6 su Microserver HP N40L

    Ciao, sto cercando di fare la migrazione dal 5.2 al 6 seguendo la guida in inglese e il loader di June. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100 Ho un problema con la rete, una volta fatto il boot non riesco ad individuare il server nemmeno con il synology assistat. Ho letto che probabilmente c'e' un problema con i drivere della scheda di rete, allora ho controllato (Avviando la vecchia 5.2) e tramite dmesg ho verificato che la scheda e' una Tigon3 eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95723) rev 5784100] (PCI Express) MAC address 38:ea:a...... Come faccio a caricare il loader con il corretto driver t3? Ciao