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  1. I am trying to add a 1.5 TB drive. I really just want to try this software out and if it does everything I want I think I am going to build a bare metal one with 500.00 budget. So at that price I can buy and average synology or build a really good one
  2. I am lost on how to add an entire new hard drive. You metion to create a new virtual machine?? I try to add a new hard drive then Use a physical disk then select the physicaldirve# click on use entire disk file but when I boot it fails with this error message Cannot open disk C:\Users\Server\Documents\Virtual Machines\XPEnology\DSM-2.vmdk
  3. Ok so I am getting this only when I add an entire hard drive. So I must be doing this wrong. How do I add a Hard drive to the VM
  4. I keep getting an error message when I try to turn on the VM. I am using VM workstation 12 Cannot open disk C:\Users\Server\Documents\Virtual Machines\XPEnology\XPEnology.vmdk or one of the snapshot disk it depends on
  5. I am using VMWARE Workstation 12. I don't think Rdm is available
  6. I installed vmware 12 workstation how do I add my entire hard drive. I currenlty have a 3 TB drive with data that I don't want to erase. How can I add this do my VM
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