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  1. Still happy with it the way it is now, but if you don't have technical knowledge about linux or know how to google then it's a bad idea. Also I never got the LCD display to work.
  2. I was also bothered by the bad software with long waits for updates, the hardware is great though. You can also order ... 52700.html Then you can connect something like an SSD to the mainboard (see reviews of W5810 where you can put it and where it is connected) It is essentially the same mainboard as the W5810 that includes an SSD. Remove the DOM module and save it for later. And then just install any OS including Windows 10 etc. (sure it's a NAS, but it IS possible and works fine...) You need to adjust some bios settings too, I forgot what one, but then it just boots from USB and you can install any OS. Currrently I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS. You will need some more technical knowhow to set it up then just a NAS OS, but then you will just have a full server with everything you want + updates when something is released instead of waiting for someone to release some module software update. I did not manage to get the LCD working properly though. It hangs on "Starting..."