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  1. Update. it has been working fine until recently. I have had it on this entire time until it started to misbehave. So I tried rebooting. That didnt work, i ended up in the boot loop again. I pulled the mains plug and rebooted and got it back ok. Then I got a message about one of the drives but i managed to recover that ok, now i am getting a partition has crashed message. Data is still there OK. So I am going to back up the data to another drive and reinstall the system using option 2 on the bootloader. I think that is the way to go. Any other advice on why it crashed or h
  2. So I recently recovered a bad update and now have 6.1.7 DSM installed. Seems OK but not too much different to 5.2. Before I bite the bullet (hopefully not brick it again) what is the benefit with 6.2.3? Thanks
  3. So I have just deleted the xpenoboot directory and confirmed it is gone. I had lots of trouble getting Plex with a secure remote access connection. Its better but still seems to drop out randomly. I also couldnt see my movies on smart tv's. I fiddled around and seem to have it sorted for now. I think the "fix" was to renew the library folders. Thanks again.
  4. I think I found it ok. Last entry here. So before I delete it ( assume this is the cmd; rm -r /.xpenoboot) What else happens or what else do I need to do after this?
  5. So I got this. Where is the offending folder? How do I delete it? What else happens or what else do I need to do after this?
  6. OK, figured out i need to enable SSH at server, so now i am logged in.
  7. I tried to use puTTY to see if I could delete the folder but got "connection refused". Do I need to use a specific port?
  8. Its still working OK. Later on I will shut down instead of rebooting and then switch it on again and see if that works OK. if it does I will just stay with the SD card. If I do need to change to USB flash drive what is the VID/PID i need to use? Could the SD boot issue be due to ".xpenoboot" folder? Should I delete this? PS I also got Plex working, now i can access my media and also see it across the network. Its such a pain to configure. Thanks again. Might get brave and try the 6.2.3 version (later). What's the benefit?
  9. I tried rebooting again. I pulled the power cord and left it for a few minutes this time and it has booted up OK. I have a feeling there is a bit more to be done. Next problem is getting Plex to see my media correctly. dries my eyes
  10. well i had to try rebooting the NAS and its still bust. It isnt seeing the SD card and goes off in a loop trying to boot from CD, Hard drive then NIC. sobbing
  11. OK got it running. Big thanks to you guys. I chickened out and went for v6.1.7. followed the tutorial, edited the grub file with VID/PID 0x0424/0x04030 for the HP Gen8 internal SD card slot. Also refreshed the S/N (this seems to change daily), entered NIC1 MAC. At first it would not run at all, it was bypassing the SD card even though I had it 1st in boot order. I googled and did 2 things, changed power management settings from "performance" to "balanced" and also pulled power cord out for 1 minute. Then it ran, I selected Reinstall then I could see it with the assistant etc. Updated
  12. I started to run into odd problems so just going to sleep on it. sigh!
  13. well I got as far as this but then I couldn't connect with http://find.synology.com/ or synology assistant. When I get here, which option do i want, I wasnt sure and it just timed out and I assume first option was selected. I'm just going to go around again and make sure everything is correct. Nearly there. (i think)