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  1. Been running my HP Gen8 1610T on 6.02 (Jun) for a few years without problems. It serves my CCTV and general device storage/file serving. Several TB's of data on it now. Apple have made some changes in Catalina which are causing me problems with AFP now. It looks like the options I need to resolve this are not available on 6.02. So its probably time to update to 6.2. Been so long since I set this up I'm a little lost now. Has anyone done this same migration and can you point me to a guide that will work. Thanks NB: It's a bare metal install.
  2. Did the onboard NIC not work? I've got one running 5.2 which keeps having issues with the volume, so contemplating updating it to 6.1 at the same time as fixing that issue. EDIT: Being an idiot, its actually an N54l :D. But i'll leave the question up for the benefit of anyone with an N36l
  3. Anyone managed to do this bare metal on an N54L? I've got one which has been running fine on 5.2 (5664 update 5) serving CCTV setup. But noticed openvpn package isn't getting updates any longer, whereas my Gen 8 running 6.02 (8451 update 11) has received a few updates since.
  4. DSM 6.0.2 can be download here: ... s_8451.pat Update 8 can be downloaded here: ... 3615xs.pat This is obviously for DS3615xs. Thanks, the guide worked well fro me on a HP Microserver Gen 8. For anyone else installing on a Gen 8, I didn't mod the SN (don't think its fair to use Synology Connect), but entered the correct VID/PID/MAC's. Had a strange occurrence after posting that message. I'd already applied update 8 and though i'd apply update 11 now. But after applying update 11 the box never came back. Had to hard reboot from Gen 8 power button to get it back.
  5. DSM 6.0.2 can be download here: ... s_8451.pat Update 8 can be downloaded here: ... 3615xs.pat This is obviously for DS3615xs. Thanks, the guide worked well fro me on a HP Microserver Gen 8. For anyone else installing on a Gen 8, I didn't mod the SN (don't think its fair to use Synology Connect), but entered the correct VID/PID/MAC's.
  6. Thanks. Fortunately doesnt appear to be anything that would affect my setup.
  7. Unfortunately not. Tried it on its own and the server failed to boot. So pulled it out packaged it for RMA to Amazon. Thanks for confirming 6GB works in yours, I'll just try another DIMM I guess. Or alternatively planning to get a Gen 8 to setup in another location, so perhaps use the 4GB from that and populate 16GB in the Gen8. Its only openvpn thats open to the world. Everything else is only accessible on the local network. Hoping thats ok, but not sure how updates work. i.e. If the openVPN plugin is standalone and I can update it through DSM, then I'm less worried about having port 1194 open pointing to that plugin. I'm a little confused about updates. I'm running XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.5.img, which I understand is the bootloader. Then I've got DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat installed and updated through DSM's interface manually to "DSM_5.2-5644 Update-5" (sequentially updated manually using the 5644 updates listed on the download page here). Now I've got DSM set to not update automatically. What happens from here? I'm guessing we won't get any new 5.2 updates? In which case should I just move it over to DSM 6 now? It's just the security updates i'm concerned about, in particular for openvpn server as thats open to the world. In terms of NAS functionality I don't need a lot. Storage via SMB share for CCTV, encrypted Time Machine backups and general file storage/serving. No transcoding or other Apps needed. And the box is behind my router firewall so not accessible other then via the openvpn plugin running on it, which allows me onto the network. Therefore, I don't think I need DSM feature updates.
  8. Couple of further questions. The box is behind a firewall, but I have remote access via the openvpn plugin. Therefore it is exposed on port 1194 and any exploits in open vpn server plugin. 1) Should I also enable DSM firewall? I presumed there was little it could do to prevent an exploit on 1194/openvpn as it would also need to be opened on the DSM firewall as it is on my own firewall. 2) can I install the Synology updates showing up under control panel? Ive read mention of checking they are safe to install, but can't seem to find the relevant threads. As it's open via openvpn, I'd like to keep it as updated as possible.
  9. Some further information regarding RAM. Looking at DSM interface it appears to sit at 8%. Given its only detecting 2GB, that suggests its using 163 MB. And that doesn't change even when I VPN in from iPhone and view all four cameras. Does that seem right? The cameras are set to trigger on line crossing/intrusion detection, so not many writes going on. But I would have expected it to use more.
  10. Hi, thank you for the welcome and taking the time to reply Sorry, can't believe I forgot to mention that, here goes: Hardware: HP N54L (1 x 4GB ECC & 1 x 2GB ECC, but only 2GB being detected). Server was bought new a few years ago and has never been used until now. Loader: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.5.img DSM: DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat, updated to DSM_5.2-5644 Update-5 (applied all the updates in series. Loader Source: (the link to .5 loader doesnt seem to be working @ DSM Source: Used this for the loader, changed PID & VID, but didn't change SN/MAC as will only be using openvpn package which works without the need to change SN/MAC: Used this as a general walkthrough guide (but also read through lots of N54L/Xpenology threads): Thank you for confirming I can leave the USB stick in there. As you say I've probably been confused by some of the older threads I read. As they seemed to suggest the disks wouldn't spin down with the USB Key in there. Also they seemed to suggest plugin into the motherboard USB port. I guess I'll move it to an outside port, provided it boots I'm good. Thanks for confirming it detects the full 16GB for you. As the info in DSM control panel states its a DS3615, I thought perhaps it was just reporting the RAM that model should come with, rather then whats installed. Or perhaps because I initially setup without the 4GB module, it hadn't updated info centre. I enabled SSH and checked in Linux, but again it only shows 2GB. I've switched the DIMM positions and still only the original 2GB is detected. So that tells me the slots are good. I guess the next step is to remove the 2GB and see if the 4GB DIMM is detected on its own. Its a bit fiddly pulling the board in the N54L, so thought I'd check it wasn't one of the aforementioned issues before I play around some more with the DIMMS. The Camera's are Hikvision IP cams with onboard DVR functionality. So I'm not using Surveillance Station. The system is only being used to host the shared volumes that the cameras write to and also provide openvpn remote access to view the camera's/recordings. That side seems to be working well. I can VPN from iPhones using openvpn connect app and view the cameras/recordings using Hikvision IVMS4500 (it connects to the cameras onboard DVR). I just have to setup VPN On demand now, heres a guide if anyone comes across this thread later and wants to achieve the same Now I just need to get to the bottom of this RAM issue Hopefully someone with some experience with N54L will come across this. Thanks again for your answers to the other questions.
  11. Hi, Thanks for all the guides/threads on how to setup Xpenelogy. Using them I've managed to get my N54L setup and also the OpenVPN plugin. I have a couple of questions issues outstanding, the answers to which I didn't find on the various threads: 1) All the guides say to leave the USB Key unplugged so the drives can go to sleep. Does this still apply if you've changed the VID & PID as per the instructions here: ? I presume not as DSM can no longer see the USB Key now. 2) The guides say to plug the key into the motherboard USB port. If I can leave the key in (depending on the answer to question 1) I'd prefer to have it plugged in to one of the outside ports. I'm using an old standard sized key and (possibly overkill) but I don't want it to block airflow. 3) I initially installed with the original 2GB in the machine. Another 4GB (OWC1333D3ECC4GB) arrived from Amazon and I added it, but its not being detected (have tried swapping the DIMMS over, but still only shows 2GB). I tried deleting (using DSM restore factory option) and reinstalling, but still doesn't detect the 4GB DIMM. I'm at a loss now wether its a faulty DIM, N54l issue (possibly need BIOS update) or its the original DSM install has locked in the device as 2GB RAM somehow. The device will be used as storage for four 3MP IP CCTV cameras and OpenVPN remote access to view these/recordings. Any help greatly appreciated. Been reading for hours on the RAM issue in particular.