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  1. Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Successfully installed DSM 6.1 on a new HP micro server gen8 from the Jun's Loader Everything working well. With a £70 money back offer on gen8s in April. I have a DS that **** all over my old 212j for about £100.
  2. I successfully did a clean install of DSM 6 on a Microserver Gen8 with the original MAC address. I would like to use my old 212j MAC address now I have migrated over all my files so I can use QuickConnect. Can I alter this on the USB boot drive and would it have any affect or would I have to alter additional file on DSM? Or, would I have to do a clean install? Many thanks Scott
  3. My install worked after enabling Serial Port setting in Bios. I do use my actual hardware MAC address and generated SN. Although I may use my old 212j details when I retire it to use QC.
  4. Been following this thread and the original post for a few days. I have a Microserver Gen8 which gets stuck in an install loop. Looking back at the instructions the only thing I haven't check is enabling serial port in bios. Could that have an issue? I also have another question. My prospective NAS has 4 bays. The first is filled with a blank HD. I will eventually add 2 drives from my old 212j (After having first migrated the data over). In terms of "SataPortMap" whats should I add for th initial install? The number of bays, the number of current Has or the number I will end up with? I assume 4 right? Thanks.