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  1. Hi Guys! First of thanks for quick answers! The reason I wanted to update to the latest version is just for latest features, security patches etc... But I think what Im reaching for here is to update to the latest possible stable version. Since my system is not updated in a very long time this was my thinking. Also, Im planning to start some projects here on my machine which I have not done before, earlier I just used it as a fileserver. Now Im planning to experiment with some pi-hole functions, r-sync functions, automatic snapshot functions etc. So I figured its probably wise to have a more updated system. Maybe my mindset is wrong about this? in which case if there is not so much reason to update DSM to a more modern version then I guess I dont need to do it at the moment.. But I guess I need to attempt it at some point anyway..? My hardware is: DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 8 Intel® Pentium® Processor G4560 MSI H110I PRO Intel H110 Corsair ValueSelect DDR4-2133 DIMM CL15 Single 8GB No cache disks 4 HDD's in RAID-5 but planning on adding a few more disks eventually. Maybe total of 6 in near future. Right now showing model: DS3615xs in DSM What I was thinking also was that I read some people using virtualisation like EsXi instead of the barebone version that I use.. In this case they dont need to have a backup when they update right? They just create a virtual OS and try to update it, if that works fine then it will work in production right? If this is true I wonder if its a possibility for me to try. I have read through the forum a for a while now and it looks like people are sucessfull in updating to 6.2.-23739. Also saw that announcement and I understand that I need to update my loader to continue. Thanks for all help in pointing me in the right direction guys.. I really appreciate it and all your work!
  2. Hi Guys and Girls! I have a old version being DSM 6.0.2-8451 update 8 (installed like a year ago. Have not updated a single time since. Now its time to update my system to the latest possible version (I guess 6.2-23739) So do I first go through this tutorial first and then update from 6.1.x to 6.2 or is there a way to jump directly to the latest version? Also a little question about data integrity. I do have a lot of data on my NAS that I cant really backup. is there a risk to loose my data here? Im running it barebone no virtualisation. If there is risk then how can I secure my data before attempting to update (without backing up everything.. like 6TB or so..) Thanks guys! @Polanskiman
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    Update DSM from 6.02

    Hi Guys, I have forgot basically everything from building my NAS with xpenology a while ago.. Now I want to update it to latest stable version and to be honest I dont remember how to do things. First of all my current version is DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 8 My hardware is Intel® Pentium® Processor G4560 3M Cache, 3.50 GHz MSI H110I PRO Intel H110 Corsair ValueSelect DDR4-2133 DIMM CL15 Single 8GB No cache disks 4 HDD's in RAID-5 but planning on adding a few more disks eventually. Maybe total of 6 in near future. Right now showing model: DS3615xs in DSM I think its called baremetal since I dont run any virtualization or such.. I think I need to download latest loader which seems to be Jun's loader v1.02b ? Now which version should I run to use full potential ? what to consider when choosing between: DS3615xs, DS3617xs, or 916+ ? and the latest stable DSM seems to be DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5 ..? How do I proceed to update my DSM ..? I have never updated before only installed it for the first time a while ago.. Do I need to re download a loader and put on the USB stick or ..? I barely remember and gone through the forum for a while I cant really find a very simple tutorial for updating DSM or why to choose a certain model like DS315xs etc.. thanks! Thanks guys!
  4. How is 36 degrees in idle-.. I made some big changes here
  5. What case do you have and what's your fan setup.? Where they are located and what rpm u run them on..? Controlling the rpm or just some constant value..? Under load say transcoding a HD Bluray movie to ur TV what degree on disks then.? Skickat från min ONE E1003 via Tapatalk
  6. Agreed if disk are only activated as expected. If however this means an on/off cycle every 20 minutes, I would nog be so sure. What we probably do agree on is that the temperatures you mention are not very healty. These should be reduced by better fan cooling. Hey.. I agree the Temps are too bad and I will experiment with it today.. What are some good idle Temps and some good load Temps for a 24/7 Nas with wd reds? These are the helium ones with 8tb.. Also i wonder why plex should constantly mess up the hibernation..? Maybe better to go for something else like kodi..? Never tried it though.
  7. I appreciate these advices and I will actually try them right now. Also my only fan the back exhaust fan will probably change to a noctua fan instead. Right now it's connected with Pwm to the chassi backplate but I'm gonna try to connect it right to the motherboard instead and put it on some good rpm there.. I will update soon. Ty
  8. damn bro I was afraid of this... My case is brand new and it was kinda expensive.. Its like a little NAS case but apparently it does not work well at all with the airflow.. only a 120mm fan in the back and nothing in the front.. With no way to add one either since front is just hotswap bays.. Starting to regret this ... Case is: http://proclockers.com/reviews/computer ... nopaging=1 Ty for any advice..
  9. Is there no function in synology to see exactly why the harddrives keep getting woken up..? "Better for life expectancy of disks" I googled this and it doesnt seem to be proven to be the case.. And it depends ofcourse how many times disk is waking up and what kind of disks it is. If disk hibernation would work as it should I should not need to power up the disks very often at all.. But as you say this might be same issue on original synology software as well.. One problem I have with leaving the disks on 24/7 is the temperature they are in idle.. 44-46 degree celcius.. Im not sure how bad this is on WD RED disks..? I dont have good airflow in my chassi, only a small fan on the back of the chassi as exhaust..
  10. Hi, Got a new XPEnology device I built a month ago.. I have only used a Synology NAS before but never a custom XPEnology. Now I have a new installed DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 8 on my machine. Everything seems to be working so far. I basiclaly just installex PLEX server, antivirus, Media server (I Think I need this for plex..? Not sure), storage analyzer and Log center. I have enabled HDD Hibernation on 10 minutes and also Logs enabled for hibernation. When I look in the Logs it seems to go to sleep but thenw ake up every 20 something minutes.. I dont know why it does not stay in hibernation .. Thanks for all help!
  11. ahaaaaa.... This makes sence! I did not even think of this option. Thank you friend!!
  12. I'm pretty sure it meant your new inserted disk you where trying to integrate to "initialise" it will have to create partitions for the dsm mirros (on every disk, ~3GB) and create another for the volume you want to use for date ("expanding" from basic to raid1) to repartition you will loose all data on that disk, if thats a new one (without partitions) the comment is pointless, maybe just always given without looking to the inserted disk (if there are partitions or not) I am sorry mate I do not understand what you are saying.. You mean it did not say that "all data will be lost" but I misunderstood it..?
  13. Thanks but no need. We do this for the pleasure and to help, not to make money. Because SHR is meant for lower end models. Purpose of SHR is to be able to mix different sized HDDs and to t disk space. Pro models are aimed at a pro-summer/corporate market and pros simply don't play at mixing HDD sizes, but enabling SHR in those models as I stated above works perfectly fine. Have a read: https://www.synology.com/en-global/know ... _raid_type Hi m8. That is exactly the article I read before I started. As I understand it everything I wanted to do should have been possible.. I just don't know why it told me that all data will be deleted if I would continue. In the guide it just said follow the instructions in the wizard at that point. Drive was stated as non initialized.. Anyway i started over now so in a few hours I will have a raid-1 volume of two discs. It's running parity check now.. Nor sure if it's needed on totally new disks though..? Skickat från min ONE E1003 via Tapatalk
  14. yes honor what synology does in writing/maintinig DSM and think about bying their products I have one of their product since many years And trust me, 110% I would buy their software without even considering it if I had the possibility! I wouldnt even blink.. However the far best choice for me in every way was to build own server and use XPEnology. And now getting so much help here from people like Polanskiman, I think for sure he should make something from this.. Same with Jun and all other envolved in keeping this project alive..
  15. If you want to put a serial I recommend you at least use a proper format serial. Use the generator I posted. SHR is not available on 3615xs and all high end models of Synology. You can however activate it: SSH in your box and just edit with vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf comment out or delete the following line: supportraidgroup="yes" then add: support_syno_hybrid_raid="yes" then refresh the page. SHR will now be available. Man you are awesome! Is there a way to donate somewhere..? PM if so! I really appreciate all this m8... So why dont they allow SHR in default on their top-tier raids? Feels like something you should stay clear from then.. I started a raid-group for a single volume raid possibility.. at first I just had one disc and I put it as basic I guess my only choice.. I read that u can upgrade from basic to raid-1 which was my plan when I add another disc, and then migrate to RAID-5 when I get a third disc. And in the end when I have like 5-6 disc in maybe a year I would go to RAID6 . From what I read on their own info pressing the ? button in the synology software, this should work to migrate like this.. However today then I did add one more disc and went to change raid from basic to raid-1 , it told me that all the data will be erased by doing this... That was was I was expecting not to happen... So what did I misunderstand? Please also another topic.. is there a way to connect my cpufan to the synologysystem..? because right now I can only see my harddrive thermals but not my system thermals.. Which makes it impossible to set a good fan-mode in the BIOS.. because I cant control thermals and fanspeeds at the same time as the synologystsem is working.. So I dont know how hot it gets and what fanspeed to put on which heat-degree... so My NAS is really loud but I dont dear to lower the fan too much in the BIOS because I wont know how hot my system will actually be while running xpenology OS:. Ty!