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  1. Doesnt work for me.. Subject Dog can be found but no faces. and in "for you" tab always says "come back later" basically...
  2. Do you guys now how to set it for DS3617xs . It is originally a 4c8t CPU. My E5-2690 v2 is a 10c 20t in case that matthers. I dont get moments face recogintion to work but I have valid serial number and activation is correct.. I just have ESXi on 8vCPU and didnt touch the socket setting so far..
  3. So you can not run 918+ even in ESXi if your CPU is not haswell+ ? Im on HP Microserver G8 with E3-1265L with ESXi 6.7U3 . Maybe with some extra drivers or something? Anyone know? Because I would like to use /dev/dri since this CPU has video acceleration.
  4. Hi, Im getting a weird error I have never gotten before. Im running 6.2.2 on DS3515xs - with loader 1.03b , in ESXi 6.7U3 I think there might be problem in my info center already: CPU: INTEL Core i3-2100 - not sure if this is the correct CPU it should show? Anyway my problem is when trying to update from my version to 6.2.3 using the downloaded PAT from synology website for DS3615xs . It tells me incompatible patch file on 2% every time.. I do not use any Extra or anything.. Just normal 1.03b loader and thats it. Because I have a passthrough HBA card in IT mode and in ESXi I just use E1000e network card, everything has worked fine.. Anyone know what can be wrong?
  5. So will latest moments work on latest DSM for a 3617xs ? For me now I have genuine serial and moment works but not for face recognition..
  6. Is this still working? Seems a few people posted problems and no answer in months..
  7. It cant show SMART? What... Thats the only reason I bought the H222 controller. So I could passthrough disks directly and have it show SMART reports and make constant smart checks... Why cant it show smart value you think? Its because of SAS drives or because maybe the specific drives you have dont support SMART ? Can you still put schedueled checks to see if a drive is failing/bad sectors?
  8. Yes I have 2 other servers with xpenology and LSI HBA cards with attached WD Red SATA disks. SMart works flawless in xpenology with this.
  9. Yeah its a little strange but I ask on forum before I bought the SAS drives, they said it should work in microserver 8. SMART doesnt say anything other then failing. I do quick smart test it says failing. I did extended smart test it just says failing. Gives me no smart values or anything. The only thing I see is little info on the drive saying "bad blocks 0". Im thinking something else is wrong. Either HP222 HBA card is not working with SAS, or it has old drivers or something. Or Xpenology 3615xs doesnt accept SASdrives, because I know synology original does not in this series. Or something is wrong in my ESXi. I run DSM virtualised on ESXi. But all I did there was passthrough the PCI device so I dont know what would be wrong..
  10. Hi, Theres no external clouse. The HP Microserver 8 backplane should take SAS drives directly as I understood it. And they fit fine also.
  11. Hi, I have a HP microserver 8 with a H222 LSI card and now first time I try SAS drives. But DSM just says failing on them both even though they had been smart checked extensivly before sold to me. So I think something else is wrong. Should SAS drives work in my scenario? Drives are HGST HUS723030ALS640 3TB 7.2K SAS 6Gb/s 3.5'' HDD Thanks
  12. What are you saying? You dont think xpenology users will be able to use DSM 7.0 at all..?
  13. If I understand this correct: If using ESXI 6.7 and and a CPU with intel v-d ( Intel Xeon E3-1265L v2 ) we could pass through smart info to xpenology? @IG-88 Or must you 100% have a HBA card and passthrough to the VM etc..?
  14. Ok I understand.. So I have to forget about 918+ for a while.. Or maybe forever? Do you think there will be some kind of fix for this in the future? Im thinking when DSM 7 comes are we doomed with this microserver? Im in a tough spot here since this server only has 1 PCI slot. So I have to go either HBA card to easily passthrough my drives to ESXi but then I cant have the newest version because no intel NIC. Or I use RDM and buy the intel network card and get the latest DSM with 3615xs.. Which feels bad because you get no SMART data etc with RDM. and Im not sure how it works when a drive fails etc.. The reason I really want the latest DSM is because Im planning to put nextcloud in a docker container on synology and make it availible on the internet so I can reach it from outside my home. For this I guess I really want the latest DSM for security reasons. However I think there might be 2 alternatives for this as Ive read some.. 1, use a NGINX reverse proxy on a seperate linux VM so I only open the ports to this VM instead, and have it forward the requests to nextcloud on synology. 2, use a VPN server at home and connect only to it for the nextcloud application. What do you think? Should I go with forget latest versions of DSM and get a HBA card instead and one of the 2 above options to reach nextcloud instead? Do you think there will ever be a "fix" for none intel network cards to be able to get latest DSM versions? Or is it the best way to future proof to get intel NIC..?