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      DSM 6.2-23739 - WARNING   05/23/2018

      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2

    DS3615 Juns 1.02B loader baremetal on HP Gen8 update from 6.1.4-UPdate1 installed without requiring machine restart only some services !
  2. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    Successfully updated on HPGEN8 DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8 All seems ok !
  3. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 7

    HP Gen 8 Baremetal , DS3615 , Jun's 1.02b, Updated 6 ->7 OK
  4. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 6

    Hi, I have successfully updated from 6.1.3-U5 to U6 on my HP Gen8 bare metal with Jun's V1.02b I have observed U7 appear on 6.1.3-15152 build, somebody installed this one too ?
  5. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 5

    Update to 5 without problems. DS3615XS Bare Metal, HP Gen8 Microserver with E3 - 1265V2 CPU !
  6. I can confirm upgrading an HP Gen8 Baremetal from DSM 6.0.2 Update 8 to DSM 6.1.3 Update 3 and then Update 4 form DSM 6.1.3 with Jun's Bootloader ver 1.02B ! The Upgrade was straightforward, only changing the bootloader and make the settings from original post, and upload DSM 6.1.3 Update3 pat file !
  7. HP Microserver G8 Baremetal upgrade to 6.1

    Hello some body else can confirm the post of @blue-label1989 successfully migrate from DS3615xs, Current DSM version: DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 11 with Jun's loader v1.01 to the newer version ! How stable the system is and if other problems observed ?