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  1. Some news on this? I got the same problem and test the grub workaround as i write. (AND IT WORK!!!) For me as linux noob, it is ~6GB lost linux space in every windows VM, plus the linux install overhead. no exactly smooth. Is it possible to only install GRUB from a live cd or somth like that, and defining windows as first boot selection? TIA and special thanks @Nucklez !
  2. NOT working baremetal with Junes1.02b for DS3615xs @ HP Microserver N54L. - Setup works. - Setup automated reboot not working. - After manual reboot no network connectivity but hard drives are doing something. Looks that i only can delete hard drives and need a new MAC address, that booting in Setup mode is possible again. Some kind of making me really really *§""!§!! up.
  3. You need to stopp all virtaul services from cli and remove the app folders manually. There was a thread about it, i did not find em anymore. sorry. Its also not working with my xeon bare metal.
  4. Hi, did anybody manage to start a VM from the Synology Virtual Machine Manager? Im on Junes 1.02b @DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4. Tried it with an N54L and an intel xeon custom build (bare metal). On both maschines, i couldnt start any created VM. On N54L the message is not enough memory (have 8GB installed) on the Xeon build it only says that starting the VM failed. Would be soooo awesome to get this work. Any information about that would be apriciated TIA, the Wurst
  5. Danke, genau was ich auch gerade exerziert habe. Hast du genauer rausgefunden warum die VM nicht starten konnte? Ich hab hier genug Speicher, sowohl RAM als auch auf dem Volume. Wäre so gut wenn das laufen würde.
  6. Sorry i had to hijack this thread, but where to find quicknicks loader? His thread seems depricated but i dont know why. Could not send him a messge. So i try it here Saw some picture with loader v3 *amazed* @quicknick
  7. Same here on June's 1.02b. Some news on your machines? Could you solve it? Sorry, cant find the edit button. Does it work with your loader @quicknick ? Sorry for bothering you the whole day
  8. Link is in First Post. You can browse folders on mega.
  9. As in my understanding: PID/VID = for not seeing boot stick in DSM MAC/SN = for using Quick Connect Im running 6.0 and 6.1 without tampering the boot image. Boot stick is not seen in DSM nor the File Manager. Instead of Quick connect i use dyndns ect. Everythink is working fine. I there something i didnt pay attention of?