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  1. @quicknick Thank you for your work quicknick... I have to feature requests. Can you add a function in ypenology so that the acpi Powerbutton is working out of the box or a way that a VM can be shutdown via VMWare or in my Case whit Virtualbox. The other interesting sing can be to keep the VM's Image so small as possible to connect via nfs the guest to the host, there is on post which works, but the Cloudstation/Cloudstation Drive stops then to work, so it will be great if it works to whit nfs. Will also spend money for your work. Let us know how... Best Theo
  2. Any Idea, how I can graceful shut down the xpenology vm through the acpi command or acpi button in the phpVirtualBox... Thank you M.
  3. So I got it, the xpenology DiskStation volume1 is connectet to my Asustor NAS. As jamie wrote, the CloudStation is not working , will be great, if we can solve this. I was able to setup the CloudStation through the Appcenter I can also find the CloudStation through the App on ubuntu but I cant store the settings. In the android ab I can setup the system completely, but it's not synchronizing the files, I see only the blue circle. Also the whole Filestructure is build on the share, so something is disturbing the syncprocess. What I was trying is to setup a 2en Volume and moved t
  4. Hi, ist there a .spk for the guest additions which is working whit Virtualbox 4.3.36 on my Asustor NAS and installed xpenology DS 5.2-5967. Best Theo
  5. @dMajo thank you for your help. Think we misunderstand us or I was not clear enough. I run Virtualbox 4.3.36 on my Asustor NAS and installed xpenology DS 5.2-5967, which is working perfectly on it. Now I search the Guest Additions which I can upload to the xpenology DiskStation. The goal is to share the cloudstation Folder on a Asustor Volume. It means I want mount a Asustor folder in to the Diskstation so that Diskstation thinks it's directly on the DiskStation Fielesystem, but the truth is that it's the mounted folder from the Asustor NAs Server. Cloudstaion is perfect and un
  6. Hi all, is there a VB Guest Edition Package vor Virtualbox 4.3.36 and xpenology whit DS 5.2-5967? Best Theo
  7. Hi jamie, triying the same but the goal is to store the content of the CloudStation folder to a share on a Qnap NAS. Can you describe what I have to do on Qnap or in your case on the Freenas Machine so that xpenology can connect to the qnap. How the string mount -t nfs YOURIP:YOURPATHTOSTORAGE /volume1 than really? is this right? mount -t nfs /volume1 On ubuntu I was able to mount the nsf share to /mnt but on the Diskstation with DSM 5.2-5967 I see a
  8. Unfortunately it's not possible to Link a CloudStation Folder to a cifs Remote Folder or in to this Folder. Is there a possibility/work around to solve this?
  9. Thank you Dutchman, same thought ind the same minute I got it and changed something in the question above. The Question is now, can the cloudstation sinyncronize in this remote folder on the qnap machine and will then all files natively be stored on the qnap. If it works, we have, what we say in switzerland eine "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" Best Theo
  10. Thank you Dutchman, it looks like it works whit Remote-Folder. I am at the moment bussi whit testing or figure out, how I can use cloudstation to sync in this remote folder in the qnap Server.. Interesting thing. Any Ideas. Best Theo
  11. Hi, through some reasons I want virtualize Xpenology DiskStation on my Qnap in the Virtualization Station. Some features are from the Qnap better other things are better in Synology, like cloudstation and surveillance station. Is there a possibility to have direct access to the host Folders and mount them to the Synology virtual Guest to store the files from cloudstation direct on the Qnap. Will be great to have a solution. Best Theo
  12. mtheo

    Working DSM 6

    Hi flushentity, that's great. Can you describe your hardware and you way to get in run.... Best M.
  13. mtheo

    Working DSM 6

    Hi flushentity, that's great. Can you describe your hardware and you way to get in run.... Best M.
  14. Hi all, are there any ideas ore plans to create instead iso's or images on the xpneology base a docker app to use the Diskstaitonmanager as a docker App? Think this would be a great idea. Or is it probably possible to extract the DSM docker App, which will be included in the DSM 6 and use this whit docker? Best mtheo
  15. Hi hieloiceberg, thank you for your description. On short question, can I do this also whit vm on esxi. I mean to use on smal vmdk (HD1) for the os and a 2end (HD2) only fort the data. So I can place the HD1.vmdk on my ssd datastore where only the vm placed and HD2.vmdk datastore only for datas The other thing is, I have a real synology DS713+ can I use also this image to setup a virtual synology DS on the esxi server. Think the 3612xs which most of the useres using hast to much funtion we never use whit this vm. All thest mtheo