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  1. Answered my own question again!!!! It appears that updating to 25556 killed my server. Is there any good general advice for A) How to update (do I go through DSM?) and B) when I should update?
  2. Yes I use the internal USB, but its fiddley when you are re-writing it 100 times!!! Thanks again for your help. I have loaded 25426 and its fully operation. However, I now see there is a 25556 from March. Do I need to be careful updating? I gather from forum comments that people have lost network access updating?
  3. I don't suppose you know if I can go straight to DSM_DS3615xs_25426 do you?
  4. FFS! Fixed it I tried a different USB port and it worked. I downloaded a PDF showing the ports and it showed them all USB 2.0 and none of the ports are coloured. Despite that, the USB port at the back works...... I presume the ones on the front are in actual fact 3.0. So, now to load the image.....
  5. I get this far and no further. It doesn't appear to be even attempting to load the kernel.
  6. I am thinking I might be missing drivers. I have updated with 'an' extra.lzma but perhaps it is not suitable for my device. How can I determine the best extra.lzma for my device?
  7. Yes, I have disabled C1E in BIOS. I have written the following boot loaders to USB, taking from the original IMG files, so I am starting from new each time. All have the same effect, the machine boots from USB but freezes. Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs [Synoboot_3615] Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617xs [Synoboot_3617] Jun's Loader v1.04b DS918+ [Synoboot-ds918] The only thing I am changing in the grub.cfg is the VID, PID, MAC and timeout. I am checking my router logs to see the DHCP lease request, I know the MAC, but its not doing it, the NIC
  8. No. It is not getting that far, the device is hung and its not getting an IP address. If it's not on the LAN doesn't matter what I scan with, its not going to be found is it... I need to edit the grub.cfg but I do not know what with. I have set the VID, PID and MAC but it is still hanging.....
  9. Hi, thanks for your tools they're very helpful. You might want to check Wake Me On LAN from Nirsoft. It can replace SoftPerfect Network Scanner with a much simpler and more lightweight tool, it works very well. It also allows testing of WOL packets too, so its got an extra string to its bow.
  10. Most likely the files on my USB device are correct? But How Do I Edit the Boot Loader Files????? WinImage is so crap, it doesn't see any of my USB devices (even running as admin). So I use Rufus which works perfectly. I can boot from the USB fine, i see "This mod is brought to you by...." etc. etc., but i never seen that page change and I dont see anything loading. Also the num lock light stuck and no caps lock light, so it has definitely hung. So presumably I need to edit the boot files? But the USB volumes are inaccessible/unformatted in Windows 10... I ha