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  1. OK then I guess it's not that simple. I've limited knowledge on Linux, I've tried to configure ups.conf but no luck The problem is Linux didn't even pick up the device, I try my USB mouse, fail as well. Only USB storage can be recognized from what I can tell. Can someone dig a bit deeper? thanks a lot.
  2. I'm trying to figure this problem out. By using SSH, I do #cat/prop/bus/usb/devices However it doesn't show anything look like a UPS all it shows are USB-HUB(Which is on the motherboard) and mass storage (which is the DOM disk) Now I'm wondering if the module that used to change USB device to ESATA device caused this. I'll try find the original module file and cover it back, see what happens.
  3. Hi, I've just flashed DSM 4.2 onto my HP N40L, however it doesn't recognize my Eaton UPS at all, I'm wondering if any1 has a UPS that works on the DSM 4.2 (the cracked one of course)? Thank you.
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