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  1. zeratul75

    Asrock n3700

    Se qualcuno cerca ho una asrock n3700 in più...... E anche componenti di contorno......perfetta per xpenology........mi contatti in privato perché non so se si può fare mercatino qua......non trovo riferimenti
  2. Hello I installed nanoboot in a old notebook, just for testing purpose. Everything is working fine, but not able to use wake on lan feature. In DSM control panel, under hardware setting, wake on lan is not checked, but I am not able to actually enable it. Infact, if I check it, every time I press "apply" the option returns unchecked. I searched on google a lot, and eventually find the "solution": by using ethtool in ssh session I can see wake on lan is supported by my nic, but it is disabled. (wake on lan status d). I launch the command ethtool -s eth0 wol g and the status changed to g. after shutting down the nas wake on lan is working. The problem is that at every startup/reboot of the system, It returns to d (disabled) status....... In DSM there is the possibility to lauch a script created by user, so I did it, and it is actually working. I mean, after manually execute it, by ssh session I can see the status of wake on lan changing from d to g. But there is no option to make DSM execute it at every system startup; only option to execute one a day, one a week, etc...... So basically, I need to insert that simple command (ethtool -s eth0 wol g) at boot scripts. But I have no idea which boot file I need to edit. I feel very closed to the solution, but unfortunately my linux knowledge is very limited...... Is this the right way to do this? Or is there any config file that DSM lauches at start up, which can be edited by user adding that command?
  3. as I said, the installation was fine and I am now on 916+ system. But with plex, when I play h265 files, I still get 100% cpu usage, meaning that it is not doing hardware transcoding. As far as I understood, I was supposed to get hardware transconding with plex on 916+ system. Any ideas? thanks guys
  4. ok, i did a very stupid error!!! when I edited grub file in the field of vid/pid usb I wrote them as given by usbflashinfo software, 4 numbers only. But it is necessary to leave 0x before the 4 numbers....... now it is working.....thanks a lot :):)
  5. first attempt, with the n3700. I was unable to install. I first tryed 6.1.6 and then 6.1.5 but the error was the same. Basically as soon as I start to upload the .pat image the configurator returns an error, saying the image probably is corrupted. but I think it is not, because I downloaded twice...... So I start with loader 1.01 and .pat of 3615, and It goes straight without errors...... any ideas?
  6. thanks a lot. no additional card/drivers will be installed, I will stay with motherboard sata port only. no additional expansions. So please, do you confirm the files I need for this? Download and create jun 1.02b loader, the one indicated for 916+ , and the 6.1.6 .pat file for 916+, right? These two files are different than the ones I should use for 3615, right? DS916p 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img https://usdl.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.1.6/15266/DSM_DS916+_15266.pat
  7. Hello I have been running 6.0.2 version on asrock j3710 for almost a year, with 3615 pat. Now I have to change all hard disks and make fresh install. Plus, I will do the same work for a friend, who has asrock n3700 (very similar to mine). I will go to ds 6.1.6. Do you think ds916+ pat image will be better for us? I read about hardware transconding, and actually I use a lot plex server. Anyway, since I will start from zero, is it better to install 3615 again or go straight to 916+? As far as I can understand, the original ds916+ has n3710 cpu, so It should be very similar to what we have on our asrock. Just to be sure, if I choose 916+ pat file, I need june loader for that pat image, do I understand right? (Jun's loader v1.02b DS916+ DS916p 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img)? thanks a lot
  8. seems nice, I will try for sure these days......thanks a lot as far as I can understand, do I have to run web station on dsm right?
  9. thanks. but you have to "carefully check" what people ask before replying :):) starting from the title...... I am asking for ftp client to be runned in the DSM, by which connecting the nas to a ftp server.
  10. hello I have been searching the whole web, seems a serious ftp client doesn't exist....... tried net2ft......not good at all tried ftp remote connection from file station, for some reasons I can't understand, it doesn't show external usb devices on the server, it can reach it and explore it, but not usb external devices. If a connected to that server with filezilla, It shows external usb devices.....even If i connect with smatphone to that server, I can access usb devices.......only on dsm they disappear I would like something like filezilla, simple, with queuing tasks...... any help for both the problems?
  11. Hello I use expenology since one year, everything is (was....) working good. I use to check smart data sometimes, and everything was fine. I did it today, like usual, but I got an error, when asking hd smart data. Always not available. Already tried to reboot, but problem remains.... Has anyone an idea about how to solve this? DSM 6.0.2 update 11 (since many month ago) with 2 hard disks "basic" (independant, without raid)
  12. zeratul75

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Asrock j3710 / only 1 hd.did a fresh install but i cannot create volume. Hd is recognized fine but the button create in the volume section cannot be pressed.I did installation of 5.2, create volume and then migrate to 6. Volume now is ok.Do you have any idea? I am planning to add an hard disk and worried I cannot create volume on it (no raid. Simple volume)
  13. zeratul75

    Che fare?

    Ottimo grazie. Adesso stavo provando il wake on lan ma non mi funziona. Tu lo usi o hai provato? Abilitato nel bios. Abilitato in xpenology. Usato un programmino nel pc che so che funziona perché già usato con altri pc. ho notato che quando spengo la luce della lan dovrebbe stare accesa perché appunto in attesa del magic packet. Invece a me si spegne del tutto. Nel dsm abilitato sotto la voce hardware e alimentazione. Versione 6.02 update 9. Nel bios sotto la voce pci device power on sotto advanced acpi configuration. non dovrebbe esserci altro da fare.....
  14. Asrock j3710 / only 1 hd. doing a fresh install but i cannot create volume. Hd is recognized fine but the button create in the volume section cannot be pressed. I did installation of 5.2, create volume and then migrate to 6. Volume now is ok. Do you have any idea? I am planning to add an hard disk and worried I cannot create volume on it (no raid. Simple volume)
  15. zeratul75

    Che fare?

    Arrivata. Ora installo tutto. Parto dalla 5.2......non mi fido ancora della 6 sinceramente. Anche perché mi pare di capire non cambia molto. Ps: una curiosità. È normale che con questa scheda che se entro nel bios, faccio una modifica, e poi salva e esci la scheda spegne tutto per 1 secondo, e poi riparte? Cioè se faccio esci senza salvare riavvia normale senza togliere alimentazione. Se faccio salva e esci spegne tutto anche alimentatore e si riaccende. E ho notato che se premo il pulsante di accensione del case, a pc acceso ma non necessariamente dentro xpenology, anche dentro il semplice bios, la scheda si spegne subito. Invece mi aspettavo che si spenga solo dopo pressione prolungata del pulsante, non appena lo premo.... Non trovo impostazioni al riguardo nel bios....