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  1. that is exactly my case, on a asrock j3710...... everything seems fine with the extra lzma but every 3-4 reboots no lan....... I gave up and went back to more stable 6.1.7 since I often power up my system from remote......and could be very dangerous not having lan when I cannot do an hardware reset....
  2. hello Im running xpenology very stable on Asrock j3710. Dsm 6.1.7 and ds916+ emulation. I have just received a plex pass offer.....and interested in hardware transcoding. Anyone of you guys confirm plex hardware trasncoding is working with this setup? thanks a lot
  3. sorry for posting here, but all of you have just made this upgrade and we all have similar mobo, so for you it is easy to understand my issue. with 6.1.7 everthing well. with 6.2.1 or 6.2.2 small problem with time setting. basically I have regional setting correct, I live in Italy, and time is reported correctly in control panel. Now in Italy we have DST time. I made hard disk smart tests, quick or extended doesn't matter, but in history log time is reported not correct. It has +1 hour. Also tryed a new fresh installation, go back to fresh new install of 6.1.7 and time is 100% correct in every place, including history. Tryed version 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 and time in history is reported +1 hour. So the problem came out from 6.2.x version. As you can see the picture: - screenshot of regional setting, in control panel. Time is correct - screenshot which reports the last executed smart test. Time in this tab is correct. I actually begin the test at 20:42:55 - screenshot of the history tab, which is reporting exactly +1 hour, 21:42:55 can you try doing a quick smart test just to see what happens with smart test history? not a big problem, but maybe the solution it is simply......
  4. it should work. Please descrive exactly what you did, which version you started from, etc.......
  5. dsm 6.1.7 here. I installed virtualbox version posted here and seems to work, at least it starts without any error. I am trying to set up a virtual machine with windows 7 32bit started, because it is very light. I am using the same iso used to install in dsm virtual machine manager and it works fine. But in virtualbox I can't even see the loading of virtual cd rom and windows installer setup. What am I doing wrong? Tryed every possible changing in options, cpu, disk controller, video, ecc.....everything.....but I cannot see loading of windows virtual cd...... any idea guys? the system hangs on windows logo, but not going on at all. the system is an asrock j3710 with 8gb ram so it should work fine, as it does with syno virtual machine manager
  6. Yes It works. But Remember to run That RM command from SSH terminal when you still are in 6.2.1 and then upgrade ti 6.2.2
  7. I havent never had automatic update.....It Is too Dangerous. As i said i load that Pat file of the link i posted. I am sure of this. Thats why i asked what happened. And, as far as i know, there Is not a newer 6.2.1 Pat. There only are update packs that you can load later, After installing the main 6.2.1 Pat, That One from the link above. This Is the way It has Always been...... 24922 It Is 6.2.2 DSM version. i know It Is newer. But the bug i refer to It Is That in my image It Is reported as 6.2.1 version not 6.2.2.
  8. hello, just migrated from 6.1.7 to 6.2.1 using 1.04b loader and 918+ pat file. everything seems to work fine, but there is just something I can't explain. In control panel dsm installed seem to be 6.2.1 with already installed update 6. How is it possible? I am 100% sure I installed 6.2.1 pat file, this one: https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.1/23824/ of course I choose the .pat file for 918+. so I expected to make manual upgrade of update n.6 later. Is it possible the migrating process applied automatically update 6? The 6.2.1 pat file was realease in 10/2018 and its update n.6 realeased in 02/2019. what I am missing? Just for information, I alsol tried to mannualy apply update 6 pack, but dsm returns that I can only make most recent update, so it actually seems update 6 is really installed. But how come? Second question, as you can see from image attached, Is that update available repoting badly? I suppose it should be 6.2.2 update 2, not 6.2.1 update 2. Is that an error/bug?
  9. Can you please explain more about CPU burst? I have an asrock j3710 whose CPU Is based at 1.6. Should run at 2,6 with CPU burst. Did you try get CPU frequency from SSH terminal ti see your CPU increase? You should Jump from 1,5 tio 2,3 if i understood well....... But asrock has not a setting related ti CPU burst. Just a generic called "sport mode"
  10. sorry if I write on your post, but I was looking a way to expand my asrock j3710.....so very similar to your q1900. reading the manual, It always speak about that mini pci slot as a slot for wifi card, so I am really glad to see it is a normal slot, that can also be used for other card type rather than wifi. actually I was trying to have an additional LAN port, and see this. Which, by the way, has the same realtek 8111 chip used in our asrock board. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000070422734.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.e965344bJJ94vu&algo_pvid=4a4566d2-a240-428e-93f3-1483eba307f9&algo_expid=4a4566d2-a240-428e-93f3-1483eba307f9-12&btsid=b1f2802c-e978-41f6-8ffd-fbf00c349110&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3,searchweb201603_55 in this way I can keep pcie normal slot for sata expansion. do you think It will work? I supposed to.....
  11. zeratul75

    Asrock n3700

    Se qualcuno cerca ho una asrock n3700 in più...... E anche componenti di contorno......perfetta per xpenology........mi contatti in privato perché non so se si può fare mercatino qua......non trovo riferimenti
  12. Hello I installed nanoboot in a old notebook, just for testing purpose. Everything is working fine, but not able to use wake on lan feature. In DSM control panel, under hardware setting, wake on lan is not checked, but I am not able to actually enable it. Infact, if I check it, every time I press "apply" the option returns unchecked. I searched on google a lot, and eventually find the "solution": by using ethtool in ssh session I can see wake on lan is supported by my nic, but it is disabled. (wake on lan status d). I launch the command ethtool -s eth0 wol g and the status changed to g. after shutting down the nas wake on lan is working. The problem is that at every startup/reboot of the system, It returns to d (disabled) status....... In DSM there is the possibility to lauch a script created by user, so I did it, and it is actually working. I mean, after manually execute it, by ssh session I can see the status of wake on lan changing from d to g. But there is no option to make DSM execute it at every system startup; only option to execute one a day, one a week, etc...... So basically, I need to insert that simple command (ethtool -s eth0 wol g) at boot scripts. But I have no idea which boot file I need to edit. I feel very closed to the solution, but unfortunately my linux knowledge is very limited...... Is this the right way to do this? Or is there any config file that DSM lauches at start up, which can be edited by user adding that command?
  13. as I said, the installation was fine and I am now on 916+ system. But with plex, when I play h265 files, I still get 100% cpu usage, meaning that it is not doing hardware transcoding. As far as I understood, I was supposed to get hardware transconding with plex on 916+ system. Any ideas? thanks guys
  14. ok, i did a very stupid error!!! when I edited grub file in the field of vid/pid usb I wrote them as given by usbflashinfo software, 4 numbers only. But it is necessary to leave 0x before the 4 numbers....... now it is working.....thanks a lot :):)
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