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  1. The problem is that the loader did not see nothing discs not harvested RAID
  2. Good afternoon. Decided to make a server with a large capacity. Has iron on HP DL160 G5 with an installed RAID controller Adaptec asr 6405 for best performance, but the loader does not see the hard drive. Who faced with such? Tell us how to solve the problem. Or it is possible as that to organize connection of the drivers in the loader that he began to see the drives. here is the driver ... /sas-6405/ how to boot in bootloader I do not know. Help who than can.
  3. Добрый день. интересует вопрос: кто работал с райд контроллерами adaptec asr 6405 настраивали ли на них NAS при объёме 12 Tb и как решали вопрос доступности дисков для загрузчика версии 6.0.2 ?