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  1. Thtat's weird , which hardware are you using? I'm wondering if the power supply is finally dying. I have one showing up later to test. Do you have this ixgbe issue with all versions of xpenology? 5.2 as well?
  2. The box seems to be unstable after resetting ixgbe and reloading network services. Stays up for about 10 minutes.
  3. I did set jumbo frames to 9000 and SMB3 was already enabled.
  4. Weird, I thought I posted one saying it worked. Yes - the link went active and packets can now traverse the link. Thank you SO MUCH for your help and guidance. Unfortunately, the network speed doesn't appear to do much better than gigabit I have files going from SSD to SSD so I should be able to hit at least 300MB but no. I still have to put an SSD cache in and perhaps that will help.
  5. That's exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! I'm still getting a weird mac address clone on eth0 and eth2 but I think I can fix that. Will test more later. I really, *really* appreciate your help.
  6. Okay, got the files edited with vi. Now I need to unload and reload ixgbe before restarting network services. Not sure how that works. Any pointers?
  7. Hi, you need to learn some linux skills it's' not so hard. You need to logon in your NAS via ssh, so first of all install putty ( i assume you are using windows ) Enable ssh in your nas via webinterface under control panel, into terminal snmp Search on youtube VIM tutorial vim it's' standard editor in almost every unix/linux systems in Terminal you can use "cd" to change folder, ls to list folder contents, pwd to show where you are in filesystem, mv to make backup of one file, cp to copy. Pay attention where you are editing, you act as root and you have power to screw up your s
  8. Never mind. Some sleuthing on linux CLI stuff is filling in the missing pieces.
  9. Thank you Aigor. I'd be happy to try this but I need some further guidance on how to edit /etc.defaults/modules.conf. I followed forum directions for editing grub.conf but don't the modules.conf must be somewhere else. I appreciate your help and I understand if guiding a linux noob through this isn't high on your priority list. Still, if you (or anyone) could point me in the right direction for learning more, I'd appreciate it.
  10. I'm attempting to get 10G running and I'm experiencing a strange issue. I'm on 6.0.2-8451 update 8. The network configuration (and Windows 10 machines on the other end) shows the links as up and full 10G speed but no packets traverse the connection. I assigned manual IP addresses to both interfaces ( and and those correspond with 1.1 and 2.1 addresses on two computers directly connected to the box. I have other connections configured the same way with no problems so I don't think it's an addressing issue. arp -a on the Windows machines doesn't return a mac address for those c
  11. I just installed an Intel x540-T2 and after assigning manual IP addresses (separate networks for each port going to two different computers) I have the same issue. Link is up and recognized as 10G but no communication is happening. I don't know the first thing about editing or compiling kernel stuff. Is there anything I can do? 6.0.2-8451 update 8. Bare metal. Edit: damn it I'm the FNG replying to a solved thread.