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  1. ketty_yijun

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Could you please use gnoboot drivers? the drivers in Nanoboot seems good but cause lots of problems - plex server won't start, wol won't work, iscsi not stable. I use Nanoboot to upgrade my HP Microserver N40L and have to bootup with gnoboot.
  2. ketty_yijun

    How to add drivers to Nanoboot

    it doesn't work at all. the drivers will be over written.
  3. ketty_yijun

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    My hp microserver comes with atheros ar8132m NIC onboard. But nanoboot 5.0.x.x loads a Broadcom driver tg3. Can I unload tg3 then insmod ar8132m? What is ar8132m driver name?
  4. If I use microserver-dsm-4.2-02.05.2013.img and its models. My n40l fails to shut down. Anybody confirms this?
  5. it doesn't work at all. which dsm you are using?(version? where you get it from? nighthawk or odie82544)? can you post your grub.conf? thanks. all right, i answere my own question. you have to comment out chksum, vender and hw_model to make it works.