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  1. Hello, thank you to those of you who make all this work. I have two Xpenology boxen, both on DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9, both using Jun's Loader. One is an i3 and the other an AMD FX6300. Both machines work well and behave identically for purposes of this question. Whatever I do, I cannot find the option to make an SHR RAID. It was present in DSM 5 when I first began messing around with Xpenology, but whatever I do, I don't get the option now. Information is, to put it mildly, nonexistant on this issue. Every Google search turns up plenty of evidence that I should get the option to create an SHR in the first screen of the RAID creation wizard. I have a set of screenshots here that show what I see. Disks 11 and 12 are currently in a PetaSpace volume (Volume 1 and Volume 2), but can and will be wiped and added to the SHR if I can find a way to do it. Disks 9 and 10 are ready to use. When I click "Create" in the RAID Group pane, I just get asked if I want a RAID Group for single or multiple volumes. No matter which one I pick, I only get the standard RAID types, no SHR. I see no evidence anywhere that Synology has stopped offering or supporting SHR. I also don't need to be convinced whether or not to use it versus a standard RAID level. That's not really the point - I just want to know where the hell it went. Thanks for any help you can provide.