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  1. OK the NAS started working again without doing anything so far... 😬 However I am worried about the fact I cannot connect remotely to the loader (so that I can enable the logging module)... Both SSH and HTTP connections suggested on GitHub failed... Other ways to do it?
  2. Well I barely know this loader hehe and I just built it in the "standard" way explained to run my NAS. So what you are saying is that ie. I can remotely access the loader via Web at http://<ip>:7681 and there do what you just wrote, correct?
  3. Actually... is there a way to manually enable the module if I mount the USB key into ie. an Ubuntu session withouth having to rebuild ARPL? @fbelavenuto please? 🤔
  4. Thank you! Will I still have the chance to recover my current DSM system once I've rebuilt ARPL or there's 100% no way to do that?
  5. Please someone tell me how to find that log. 🙏🏼
  6. OK, but what means "serial log"? What log is that?
  7. Woke up this morning and my NAS was on, but unreacheable (and so all the VMs and Docker containers). Tried rebooting, but still offline. Hooked up the NAS to my monitor and the ARPL booting seemed OK (see pic here), but the issue was still going on. Ran Ubuntu Live on a USB stick (btw in the same USB port used for ARPL) and all my hardware/Ethernet was 100% OK. What do I do now to debug and find out what's going on here? 🤔
  8. @fbelavenuto can you see any reason why ARPL doesn't boot from time to time (very random)? Basically I've scheduled a daily poweroff & poweron task, but let's say every 2-3 days I've to force poweroff the NAS because DSM wasn't loaded (no SSH connection too). If I look at Log Center everything is OK... 🤔
  9. Update: to answer myself and everybody else who needs to recover an installed DSM (hard drive have to be signed as recoverable!) I succesfully managed to recover! So to resume: Flash ARPL Connect to the URL generated Be sure to select the same machine you used before Then look for the DSM recovery feature, enable it and be sure then to edit the user config so that it will keep the serial number and MAC address you were using before. If you don't then you won't be able to recover DSM succesfully. Whole process took like 5 minutes and now EVERYTHING is there plus I am with latest DSM. ========================= @fbelavenuto I failed updating DSM to latest version using previous Tiny Core Loader. Now I flashed your loader and I see there's a recovery option? I noticed however it doesn't load the current serial and MAC address. Serial number field is empty and MAC address is different. Shall I edit the file to my previous settings or shall I leave it as it is?
  10. Yes I am already using the same machine MAC address, but right now WOL was not working with my current tinycore-redpill loader. Thanks tomorrow morning I will be moving to your loader instead.
  11. @fbelavenuto what if I want to have WOL (Wake On LAN) working? Do I have to add anything to your loader before going to use it?
  12. I am running DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 with tinycore-redpill loader (cannot remember what version it is sorry). Any chance to use this new loader WITHOUT having to reinstall DSM again? 😬
  13. Thank you I am going immediately to add it too!
  14. Anybody able to answer please? 😬
  15. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1809519629339294/permalink/2873540296270550/
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