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  1. Since a week or so I am desperately trying to renew my certificates, but none of the above solutions have worked for me so far. All of them fail reporting probably firewall related issues, but DSM firewall and various blocks have been disabled Router firewall and various blocks have been disabled No DSM update / upgrade has been run (still sitting on v6.2.2-24922 Update 4) to avoid problems What on Earth is going on?
  2. Cr4z33

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    OK, but after doing the backups what would be the correct step then? Shall I first change the loader and upgrade or upgrade, shutdown and restart with the new loader?
  3. Cr4z33

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Test on an empty spare hard drive was succesfull with hardware in signature! Now how should I upgrade by using the normal system without loosing personal data and config?
  4. Yeah sorry for the double post (forgot to delete the previous one). I meant exactly what you said. I (wrongly) thought that DSM gets installed in one volume only therefore I was struggling into it. Thanks for your clarification.
  5. So I've got one single hard disk and four others in a HSR Raid. Question is how can I force DSM to be installed in the single drive? It keeps wanting to install in the RAID array...
  6. Thanks, but I already planned to do it (as in the past there was another issue with Jun's loader).
  7. Bingo your suggestion was 100% correct and the DSM login page loaded!! Thank you very much indeed for your precious help!
  8. Thanks for clearing things out and my apologies for missing that important forum post. Gonna reflash the v1.02b image file right now!
  9. In addition: I tried installing manually DSM 6.1.7 on a fully wiped clean disk, but then the Assistant gives me an error message telling me that it is MANDATORY to install v6.2-23739 or later (error 10)! Pfff...
  10. Yes it was latest DSM release. I didn't change a thing in the BIOS. All I know is that the NAS after running (automatically) latest DSM update didn't load properly anymore. Trying to install through the Assistant brings to error 21 (Server error). Yeah error 13 and another error related to the Network. The disk (I disconnected temporary the RAID disk to sort out the issue) is in mint condition with S.M.A.R.T. test OK and sector-by-sector test 100% OK. RAM is fine as I could succesfully load and install latest Ubuntu for testing purpose. I wonder actually if I am the only one or not? I mean couldn't it be that Synology is stopping us from not using their branded boxes?
  11. @IG-88I talked too early... those errors are still coming up. I tried formatting the drive, but same result. I finally connected the hard drive to my PC and ran a deep chkdsk sector-by-sector scan and no damaged clusters have been found. Omg what on Earth is going on then?
  12. @IG-88 thank you very much indeed that (using loader v1.02b for 3617xs) solved the issue!