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  1. Hi.. can I try commercial VPN setup with my Xpenology build? I am getting good discounts from these deals.
  2. PureVPN is offering a 5 year plan for $79.99, a massive discount of 87% OFF! Through this Deal offer only! I am thinking to grab it, before the deal ends. Any suggestion in this regard would be helpful. Please put them forward. PS: VPN that should be good with Windows PC, Xpenology system, should be good for streaming media in region locked countries. Basically I want a multi-purpose VPN.
  3. Oh WOW! He has 890 Pro+ too. I am definitely going to tell this to him. Sorry for replying so late on my thread, I was away for quite a good time
  4. Nope. Can't be done. Use smaller size SSDs for this purpose. The first reply is giving you what you should do.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask my brother works on Nas system and he wanted to use Xpenology on that? I would post system specs here in a while. Can it be done?
  6. Woah! This thread made my mind. Thanks, it was indeed very helpful. All bets on Xpenology working fine.
  7. I am new member here, I couldnt find any introduction thread so thought of posting it here. Admin/Mods please move it to relevant section if it was a wrong move to put it here. Anyhow, I am glad that I am here and I would really like to participate here actively! Ben
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