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  1. Hi.. can I try commercial VPN setup with my Xpenology build? I am getting good discounts from these deals.
  2. HBEN

    VPN deals 2017

    PureVPN is offering a 5 year plan for $79.99, a massive discount of 87% OFF! Through this Deal offer only! I am thinking to grab it, before the deal ends. Any suggestion in this regard would be helpful. Please put them forward. PS: VPN that should be good with Windows PC, Xpenology system, should be good for streaming media in region locked countries. Basically I want a multi-purpose VPN.
  3. Oh WOW! He has 890 Pro+ too. I am definitely going to tell this to him. Sorry for replying so late on my thread, I was away for quite a good time
  4. No luck. Possibly my chrome error. I have to get it repaired or reinstall it completely. Got through with your chrome installation. I did and it is working. I haven't been around here for a while and I thing I missed your notification.
  5. No luck. Possibly my chrome error. I have to get it repaired or reinstall it completely.
  6. Nope. Can't be done. Use smaller size SSDs for this purpose. The first reply is giving you what you should do.
  7. It's taking enormous amount of time to load the file. Why?
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask my brother works on Nas system and he wanted to use Xpenology on that? I would post system specs here in a while. Can it be done?
  9. Woah! This thread made my mind. Thanks, it was indeed very helpful. All bets on Xpenology working fine.
  10. HBEN

    Hello there

    I am new member here, I couldnt find any introduction thread so thought of posting it here. Admin/Mods please move it to relevant section if it was a wrong move to put it here. Anyhow, I am glad that I am here and I would really like to participate here actively! Ben