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  1. good to know. i actually have a couple at work that i have inherited support for. currently one (a DS1813+) is still on DSM 4.2, whilst the other (a DS1815+) is on DSM 6.0.2, they both have 4 identical 4TB WD Red's in them with a single volume, all set up pretty much identically except for the DSM version, and they have a weekly rsync job that mirrors one to the other, but i was thinking of updating them to the same DSM version to enable me to run HA, and replace the rsync job, but i didn't know they'd need to be identical hardware, so i might have to leave that.
  2. I was just wondering how feasible it would be to make an XPEnology NAS out of an RaspberryPi, BananaPi, ODROID, or LattePanda or something like that, or even a NUC with some external storage? I have a StarTech 4 bay eSATA enclosure (with onboard RAID): ... re-review/ it has occurred to me that instead of using it as an external backup source for my Synology DS2413+ I could turn it into an XPEnology NAS and potentially use it to experiment with Synology HA instead. The StarTech box is eSATA, but I do have an eSATA to USB3 adapter that I could use with it, so all I really need is something to plug it into to become the NAS itself. I do also already have an i3 NUC too, currently used as a media player running LibreELEC that I could use instead, but being a nerd with an interest in messing with new kit, I wanted to see if there was another way to do it.